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The search for a new identity, combined with a vision of music pushed beyond a sample complimented by 4 measures in a loop, has given birth to the concept « URANAMI ».

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Uranami - HipHop - The italian way – UPFRONT magazine (NOV06)

Gangsta rap never really took off in Europe, we consume, but have hesitated at productive involvement. Since adopting the hip-hop culture, European artists generally remain true to the original intent, avoiding ‘wanna-big-me-self-up’ rhymes rambling on about fast cars, bling, niggas,bitches and gardening tools, sorry hoes!

The current Hip Hop age has MTV programming featuring spotty pre-pubescents sporting gang’esq attire and ‘Argos’ bling, arthritically flipping wrists and walking like constipated chickens proclaiming to be gangsta’s. Moral responsibility for the glorification of the thug, sex,money and killing people may be placed at the door of any number of those at the helm of the mainstream media vehicle. Bandwagon jumpers, pushdi malakers, guilty of pillaging a cradle of reflective urban poetry which Hip Hop strove/strives to promote. Has gansta rap damaged Hip Hop Culture? “yes and no” say URANAMI.

Luxembourg based Italian Hip Hop act URANAMI feel quite reflective on the whole gansta rap culture. Stating that in one sense you have to consider the climate in America so musically,no, but at the same time it does not reflect the true essence of Hip Hop culture.

“Rap is something you do, Hip-Hop is something you live.” KRS-One

Hip Hop was a born in the New York, Bronx district in the early 1970s. Encompassing rapping (and now singing), dj’ing, break-dancing, and urban art (graffiti). Commercially it became apparent in 1979 with the Sugarhill gangs hugely successful ‘Rappers Delight.

’For URANAMI (Japanese for ‘wave on the shore’), they seek to symbolise the fusion of numerous musical currents, Jazz, Blues, Rock n’Roll, Funk, Reggae, Electro and Rap, into the single concept that is URANAMI.

"We never talk about politics,football or women,we always try to talk about what we feel in our lives"

Remaining true to poetic rhyming and metaphorical story telling URANAMI draw inspiration from all sources “You have to listen to every type of music, we just look to find a good way to combine our influences, show the people our way to listen to music”.To date a successful concoction, URANAMI’s first single ‘Basta’, meaning ‘Enough’ went in the Luxembourgish charts and remained there for 7 months, and in the top ten for over 2.“We’re very happy for this, we were the first Italian musicians to achieve top ten success here”.

URANAMI was born in 2005, the result of a music project by Edoardo “CICO” Inzolia and Giorgio “PECCA” Valentini, they have been working together since 1998 under the label 6-Mic Productions.After their participation in numerous events including Jam organised by the emerging Luxembourg chapter of Zulu Nation, the pair took off in different directions. Cico to Strasbourg and Pecca to Brussels for study. A number of instructive but static collaborations occurred in their respective locations but none matched the energy acquired from the pair’s unplanned recordings, it was at this point they decided to concentrate on working together. In 2006, Belgian Thibault ‘T-Bo’ Hanon, talented bass player from a Jazz background, agreed to join the band completing the line up.

So what does the future hold? Will they be taking Italian Hip Hop to the world stage… It is by no means a small task with the global dominance of English language entertainment. For URANAMI the starting point will be at this years Zulu Nation Festival in New York. Zulu Nation was formed and headed by Hip Hop music pioneer Afrika Bambaataa.The oldest and largest organisation promoting Hip Hop culture, this year is the 32nd Anniversary (33rd anniversary of Zulu Nation).They will be sharing a stage with the likes of Jeru the Damaja (of among other things, Gang Starr fame), Black Sheep (who were one of the first groups to parody gangsta rap), Beatnuts and Red Clay to name but a few. Representing Italian music under a Luxembourgish banner they are very excited about the prospect and feel very honoured.When asked if they think this will be a turning point in their career, URANAMI remain optimistic ‘we hope so, but we don’t know”

Remaining true to Hip Hop culture, no bling, no bitches, URANAMI have a positive future ahead of them, pas Basta, one might say!

‘Flogisticamente Mistico’, the current album, is a must buy.