Urban Flavor

Urban Flavor

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Musical Concepts:
The Urban Flavor Band plays R&B, Jazz, Funk & more. That band comprises some of the pioneers of the Minneapolis sound!

Soul Drums is a musical journey that explores music and instruments based in West African and Caribbean traditions, including Afro-Cuban Jazz, Salsa, Mambo and more! The journey then continues on to include American Soul music. Audiences get to hear & dance to Soul Grooves from around the world!


The Urban Flavor Band

Drums: Timothy Berry

Bass: Julius Washington

Vocals - Kenny Britt - A very versatile lead and background vocalist. Kenny grew up singing in Gary Indiana at a young age and has excellent vocal skills. He sung with Signature from Gary Indiana, an a cappella group.  He has a unique style and range in classical jazz, gospel R&B, and funk. Kenny is considered to be one of the most talented singers in the Midwest.

Vocals: Robert Berry - powerful and soul-filled singer. Robert's gospel roots are evident in his rich and dynamic vocal range, another unmistakable Berry family trait.  

Keyboards: Charles Berry - Cofounder of Quiet Storm, one of the bands responsible for putting the Minneapolis sound on the map.  A former protege of his classically trained mother, Esther, and renowned teacher, Reverend Carl Walker, his gospel music background influences his unique approach, incorporating a spiritual foundation to his playing.  Check out this compilation in which Quiet Storm is featured! http://numerogroup.com/products/purple-snow-forecasting-the-minneapolis-sound

Guitar and vocals: Donald Berry - Cofounder of Quiet Storm along with his brother Charles, one of the bands responsible for putting the Minneapolis sound on the map. His rhythm guitar playing is second to none and has influenced many of Minnesota's greats including Prince, Andre Cymone and more.  Donald's vocals are legendary, incorporating the church sound and expanded vocal range.

Percussion and vocals: Dr. Timothy Berry - A very versatile performer and composer, and one of the Berry brothers, he has performed and toured as a singer, percussionist, and actor. Timothy has performed gospel, musical theater, opera, soul, and Afro Cuban music.  He has performed with Grammy Award winner, Larnelle Harris, the Minnesota Opera company, and Minnesota great, Robert Robinson.

Saxophone and Flute: Sarah Sharp - An emerging artist with a bold sound that blends jazz, classical and funk. She is a protégé of Keith Nance and Jeff Keys.


Something About Grace
Soul Drums, Volume 1
Soul Drums Volume II (Groove Themes)
Soul Drums Volume III
Learn To Love (single)
Praise Like A Levite

Set List

Our sets are of varying lengths depending on the venue. We do full length conerts as well. Our music is both original and cover tunes, Soul/R&B, Latin Jazz, and Afro Cuban.

Hear are some of our songs:

Mambo Groove
Something About Grace
Learn to Love
Oye com ova (Cover)
Feed the people
Rumba groove
Armandos rumba (Cover)
Learn to love
Soul riff 1 (for the children)
Waiting for the world to change (Cover)
Ooh child (Cover)
What's Going On (Cover)
Building bridges
Cha cha calzada (Cover)
Same old sad song(Cover)
La charanga (Cover)
People get ready (Cover)