Urban Cartel

Urban Cartel

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA
BandR&BHip Hop

"We are a product of our surroundings;
Nothing was sugar coated...everything
we saw, witnessed, and experienced
was raw, pure, and real;
A reality illustrated to us at a young
age, and forever shaping our future;
In an environment with many eyes,
ears, and mouths...we are the Urban
Echos, the sirens of the city, the
Urban Cartel..."


" We are a product of our surroundings; nothing was sugarcoated...everything we saw, witnessed, and experienced was raw, pure, and real; a reality illustrated to us at the young age, and forever shaping our future; in an environment with many eyes, ears, and mouths...we are the Urban Echos, the sirens of the city, The Urban Cartel..."

Urban Cartel, also known as UC, is a wily union of DMV natives excited about the thrills and ferocity of urban culture. Based in College Park, Maryland, the band is made up of five parts: Teddy (Rapper), Funsho "Seph" (Vocalist), AJ (Keyboardist), Andy (Guitarist), and Bryan (Drummer). UC can be described as punk rock stylistics matched with hip-hop and R&B spirit evoke the rigor of the Metropolitan hustle and bustle, with original lyrics narrating UC's experiences and emotions as a result of urban living. The music is truly mood and/or emotionally derived and driven, often coming about spontaneously, infinitely, and limitless. Individually, each member of The Cartel contributes their own style to the UC sound, but collectively, all inspirations are raw and organic, derived from their surroundings, environment and feellings of what they consider as "urban."

Their debut EP, "Sounds From the Red Line," has been causing quite the stir in the DMV, with their singles, "Dubai," "Fire In Her Eyes," and "On The Rise."

Urban Cartel is about creating quality music that will resonate with a broad audience and foster longevity in the music industry, much like iconic bands have done before them. In other words, they plan on being around for a long time.

Sounds From the Red Line resulted in the following accomplishments:

- House Studios "Battle 4 The District" Competition Grand Prize Winners (Grand Prize included full album and music video sponsored by House Studios DC)

- University of Maryland - College Park Battle of the Bands Winners (Grand Prize - Opening act for Grammy Award Winning Artist Nelly)

--NBC4 Washington First Heard ( http://www.nbcwashington.com/video/#!/on-air/as-seen-on/First-Heard--Urban-Cartel/131481728 )

- "Broadminded" XM radio show interiview and spotlight

- Usage in several small independent films and television pilots

With their latest LP titled Cassette Music (November 2011), UC aims to refresh the music scene with tunes reminiscent of sounds loved by their elders. With their lead single "Just Fine", as well as similar sounds singles "What She Wants", "Summer" and "Floating Away", UC demonstrates maturity in sound and lyricism since Sounds From the Red Line that shows accelerated growth and speaks volumes to their validity as a band "On The Rise".

Cassette Music has allowed for opportunities to tour in places such as Philadelphia, Northern Virginia and also land a spot at the 2012 South by South West (SXSW) Music and Film Festival.

The latest release, "The N.I.T.E." is part one of a musical trilogy, depicting several short stories transcribed over a variety of genre bending rythmns to help express both familar feelings and irregularities that we as people are often exposed to.


Sounds From The Red Line (EP) - December 7th, 2010
Track List:
1) Paid?!
2) On The Rise feat Akil
3) Dubai
4) Fire In Her Eyes
5) Battleship

Cassette Music (LP) - November 15, 2011
Track List:
1) Next Up (Intro)
2) Summer
3) Mic Check
4) What She Wants
5) Just Fine
6) In Too Deep
7) Uproar
8) Floating Away
9) Winter
10) Lavish feat. Phil Da Phuture
11) Listening feat. Phella
12) Sex, Drugs, and Hip Hop

The N.I.T.E (August 2013)
1) The N.I.T.E.
2) Windows Down
3) W.W.Y.
4) Brick Wall
5) Good
6) The Beginning (Outro)
7) X-Ray (Bonus)
8) Graduation (Bonus)

Set List

Intro/ Warm Up
Floating Away
Windows Down
In Too Deep
On The Rise
Fire In Her Eyes