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Urban Development

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Urban Development is a small production company run by up and coming Hip Hop/R&B producer and engineer, Waheed "Mann" Barton. We offer the hottest in industry-ready beats from Gangsta rap, Crunk, to Alternative and Pop. We offer up-to trend styles, yet an original edge.


With early roots as a High School DJ, Waheed "Mann" Barton became more and more interested in how the songs that he spinned were created. Getting into record engineering in 1999, Mr. Barton has self-taught himself to a level of sound recording that at times, the demand for a session from him became respectable. He created an affordable way to get innercity artists a way to record their ideas, visions, and dreams. In the meantime, doodling with beat-making and some music theory, has also gained him respect and an added love to his arsenal.

URBAN DEVELOPMENT is basically a Hip Hop/R&B oriented production company. Waheed "Mann" Barton has engineered and produced for Silent Screams Productions, All4Won Productions, as well as Infantry Records (Now Urban Development). He has mixed and/or produced for local artists such as Dink from Rated R, Trunell (Salter), Ette', Lil' Boomy, Nuffy from Columbus Mob, Credell, Vick, C.T.G. Ent., Boat the Streetbaby ('sup Texas), Stanley James, Pennsylvania's Crash (myspace.com/crashtrax), and others to come! -------------------------------------- URBAN DEVELOPMENT offers the hottest in industry-ready Hip Hop and R&B beats! Exclusive and Non-Exclusive available. EMAIL ME AT URBDEVELOPMENT@YAHOO.COM FOR PRICES AND AVAILABILITY.


Beats by Urban Development can be heard here, or www.soundclick.com/urbandevelopment or www.myspace.com/urbandevelopment

Urban Development is currently producing projects for CTG Entertainment, Crash (www.myspace.com/crashtrax), as well as others.