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urban eXcentrics combine vocals, two double basses, guitar, mandolin and citern to create a contemporary sound like no other! Our ability to cover a variety of genres has a been a key selling point to our success in Australia.


urban eXcentrics' fusion of jazz, folk, classical and contemporary sounds produce weaving, duo double bass lines, dancing mandolin, unexpected banjo, citern moments with driving guitar rhythm & solos. Unified by inspired vocals, their rich cultural history and musicianship take you on a unique journey enriched by their family connection.
A main feature is the idea of two double basses - both from a musical and transport point of view(!) -which grew out of wanting to use the beautiful textures of bowed basses on a new song they were writing. As well as having a low melody instrument and rhythm section when they needed it, adding double bass/banjo player Paul Laszlo to the original duo created a new dimension. Next came Ben Palumbo, possessing a unique range to his voice that has to be heard to be believed
This ensemble takes you on a memorable journey. Notable performances are Violent Femmes support, as well as two CD launces at internationally renowned Sydney venue "The Basement" and most recently a sellout tour of Auckland NZ. They are prolific songwriters, drawing on a wide range of influences.
Their diverse backgrounds are reflected in such details as Larry's rock/reggae history playing bands alongside such notables as Bones Hillman ( Midnight Oil) Paul playing classical double bass on Pavarotti's Australian tour, Ann playing at Sydney's The Basement and other venues with reknowned jazz artists and Ben's acrobatic display in the blockbuster movie "Moulin Rouge", 2000 Olympics as well as his lead vocal role in West Side Story.



Written By: Ann Palumbo

I've been waiting always waiting
Am i wasting my time?
He will tell me always telling me that I'm not wasting my time.
I've been dreaming of oh so many things that aren't mine
He'll say I can have anything I want-it can be mine
I've been feeling just lately seeing that now's the end of the line
Now's the finding, no longer seaching cos now is the only time
Walking with someone who is special to you is so fine
Sharing a moment of one with all aroundyou is sublime
Talking ,laughing, stories abound and surprise
I know I can say anything,he's caring and wise,
I just want to tell you I miss you
Father of mine I

Open Up Your eyes

Written By: Ann Palumbo

open up your eyes and look around
Everyone can see what's going down x2
We've all served our purpose
everything has to change
Time now to be care full or we'll all end up in flames
Open up...
courage is a hard thing to carry for your friends
Continue with the struggle
they say it's worth it in the end
Far, too far, we've gone too far
Far, too far,we've gone....
Open up ...
Life is getting harder you can see it everywhere
Old folks and their kinder,
they find it all too much to bear.


LP - Backyard Attitude
- Extreme Middle Ground
- Faux Naturelle

- Libertango

Some songs that have had airplay
D'age a Vous
Honky Tonkin Highway
Cool Lady
Falling Apart

Set List

A typical Set list is 8 - 10 songs per set, Approximately 45 mins each set usually combinations of originals and arrangements of covers. We can also cater for French, Jazz, Classical and Traditional gigs.

Sample of Original Set List

D'age a Vous
Don't Know
Lost For Words
Open Up Your Eyes
I'll Get Through
Wait For Me
Honky Tonkin Highway
Cool Lady
Falling Apart
Inside my mind
Brings Me Undone
3 Bar Blues
Open Heart University


These Boots
Lilac Wine
Big Yellow Taxi
Walk on By
High and Dry
Every Breath You Take

This is not definitive and and more information is available at www.urbanex.com.au