Urban Gypsies

Urban Gypsies

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

"Gumbo Rock" - Urban Gypsies plays original Rock and Soul music mixed with a little New Orleans gumbo of music.


The Urban Gypsies sound is "Gumbo Rock" a blend of their influences from rock, to soul, and the music melting pot of the New Orleans sound. Urban Gypsies began playing in the New Orleans area in 1997. The band members have years of playing in clubs from Tipitania's to Jazzfest. This original music Rock and R&B band is a Louisiana Gumbo with a taste of New Orleans. Take all of the Urban Gypsies, and their influences, and you get music with a groove, vocal harmony, and even on occasion an edge of spice. You can hear New Orleans in some of the keys, blues and even Latin rhythm in their sound. Mix it all up and you get the Urban Gypsies.

Its time to get on the Caravan and hear
Urban Gypsies.


Girl's Intoxicating

Written By: Steven Dorand

Girl’s Intoxicating © S. Dorand 2006

See the Girl sitting over there
With her brown eyes
And sexy stare
Her first look is all I need
Her loving touch
is what starts the nasty deed

Cause she’s my baby
That’s all I really know
Come on baby it’s time
for the show

See the Girl kidding over there
with her down eyes
and sexy hair
Her first hook is all I plead
One loving rush
is what starts the nasty scene

Cause she’s my baby that I’ll tell you so
Come on baby its time
for us to go

Girl’s Intoxicating
from her head down to her feet
My babies Intoxicating
and she rocks me off my feet
She’s mine, all the time
Girl's Intoxicating

She my lover,
so sweet and sour
Oh… there never be another
With her love’n there is no other
And she knows…
She’s got all the power

Life's too Short

Written By: David Mancuso

A friend of mine had said to you
To be the one who stayed in school
Be the one a step ahead
Go ahead get outta bed


Here’s the words that he did say
It’s when you’re young & still can play
It’s easy when you know the way
Impossible to slip away.


Repeat 1 &2


Now listen what I have to say
Yo stick around you’ll find a way
It’s easy when you have the key
A golden opportunity


Shades Of Rain

Written By: Steve Dorand

“Shades of Rain” Steven Dorand

A cold and lonely night
There is no place to hide
It’s sometimes hard to stay alive
Steam rises from a vent
Newspaper becomes a bed
Box over your head is a tent

I’ve seen shades, shades of rain
Shades in the faces, faces of pain
I’ve seen shades, shades of rain
Shades in the faces; streets of pain

A dark and homeless night
Filled with cold fright
ask yourself there’s got to be a better life
A family has needs
Hungry child is hard to please
Sometimes you feel like your dead


These streets are so cold
Will make a young man grow old
Where is the life you once had
Oh, lord what made it go bad


A cup of cold soup
and a piece of stale bread
seems like you’ll never get ahead
sky over your head
cardboard box is a shed
shelters closed and, you need a bed

(Chorus) 2X … END

Neon Cafe

Written By: Steve Dorand

“Neon Café” Steven Dorand

They speak, yes but what do they say
act one sets the stage in this human play
Watch out for the rules in this parade
Shackled by their needs
so, they escape to their ease
In this illusion their pleased
“And she said”

Take me to your Neon Café
to a place where you and I can play
Take me to your Neon Café
Let’s all be free, a place to get away
In a Neon Café

They sneak, yes in so many ways
act done set with rage on this humid day
Watch out for the fools in this masquerade
Strangled by their greed
So, they escape to their fees
In this illusion they’re seized
“An she said”

Take me to your Neon Café
to a place where you and I can play
Take me to your Neon Café
Let’s all be free, a place to get away
Feels so good to escape
In you Neon ...Neon Cafe

“Here we go now”
Clouds fill the room
Flickering moments of life
Push away from my gloom
Your running from your fright
Your breath holds me tight, on this night
What a sight you are in a Neon Café
Under the glistening moon

Set List

The set list is broken down into around a three 50 minute sets. We try to layout our songs with a punch of rock from the beginning with some slow mood songs along the way. Here is a sample of song titles:

Girls Intoxicating
Wild Life
Lifes too Short
Neon Caf
Wall of Strangers
Im Gonna Love You
Weight of the World
This is Fat Tuesday
Mustve done Something
Cant Control You
Brave New World
Save our Planet
Love Me Tonight
Shades of Rain
Cant you see the Fire
Hurricane is Coming
Loves a heart away
Thief of the City
New Lease on Life
Into my Life
Streets of Fire
In the End