Urban Hermits

Urban Hermits


It's a blend of acoustic rock that sits happily among the alternative to indie genres.Our band has a good combination of youth and experience,which can be heard in the energy of the music and dare I say, the depth and quality of the lyrics.


I arrived home from Hungary in Autumn of 2006 with a newly completed album.Finding capable and professional musicians to help me promote the album was no easy task, but I struck gold with Paddy, Jamie and Dylan, who proved to be more than talented enough for the job at hand.Since then, we've worked hard in rehearsal and played several gigs in various venues around the country.Not only that, but guys have had more than their fair share of creative input in tracks I've written since and new ones we've written together.


Won't You Stay Around?

Written By: Tommy Bonner

the morning breaks a smile,the birds can sing aloud,just waitin for the right time

did you ever ask for more, than i could give around? don't wanna buy the silence

we're killin time,can you read between the lines?

its kickin in,its kickin in,its kickin in again

i wont tell a soul.if you stay around here and stay around me,

they,they'll never know,

come out into the sunshine because i don't wanna burn this funsize on my own

i've been waitin' on the row,dont you sign my warrant,turn a deaf ear to the last call

all the colours of the sky,this little island,ocean it comes crashin'

we're killin time,can you read between the lines?

it's kickin in,its kickin in,its kickin in again

won't you stay around,won't you stay around?won't you stay around here?

won't you stay me?won't you stay around?

come out into the sunshine because i don't wanna burn this funsize on my own


Written By: Tommy Bonner

Late nite demi god,still got no sleep,

she is just wakin up,he's obsolete,alone,

it's a long way,it's a long way down,

such a long way,such along way down

piece by piece it all comes fallin,

tearin at my soul

just click your heels and i'll come runnin we all come fallin

please state your reasons why you pulled

up a taxi and went on home

i beg,forgiveness i've got,gotta poorbox and it's

strapped to the back of you

the streets have all been cleared but he keeps roamin'

along the road,

there's nowhere left to hide,just standin alone and cold

please stay,please stay,please stay...

Something Beautiful (Headstrong)

Written By: Tommy Bonner

Headstrong,at 5 in the morning,a new cold has kissed the ground,
i stare out at crystal pavement,for a while...
a night truck shakes my window,it wont be long before he's done
i still hear the rushin' danube,and realise im far from home

this city shows her face,and its all new to me,i can only sit and stare,
at something beautiful

withered trees hog the streetlights,pale rusted leaves refuse to die,
and the rooftops know the secrets,
the untold stories,of the sky

then the sunrise,hits the buildings,and this old town,turns to gold,
and its all here if i want it, and for now thats all i need to know

head clear at 8 in the morning,i hope to God my work is done,
i pull the blinds and put my head down,
close my eyes and dream aloud.......


Promotional single - Poorbox

Album - Some belated truths

BBC Radio Foyle November & December; two tracks were played;Poorbox & Won't You Stay Around?

Telephone(0044) 287190338000

Also, Poorbox was played repeatedly on two Hungarian college radio stations, Cornivus & Nap in late 2006 / 07.

And finally, Several tracks of the album were played on Highland Radio, LetterKenny, Co. Donegal.Throughout the past year.
Telephone - +353 74 912 5000

Phantom FM a Dublin based independent station, has also aired some tracks.

Telephone - +353 1 888 5151

Won't You Stay Around? - Was played on the Sara Cox Show, BBC Radio 1 on Saturday 17th March 2007.

July 22nd, 2007; Makin' Good on a Promise was played on Limerick's 95FM Green & Live Irish Rock show.

A planned EP release early next year.

Set List

1 - Step Inside.
2 - Brand New Day.
3 - The last of Natures Gentlemen (new song).
4 - Leave without a Trace.
5 - Silent Freeway.
6 - Something Beautiful.
7 - Feel the Sun.
8 - When It's time to Go (new song).
9 - A Bitter Rain.
10 - Makin' Good on A Promise.
11 - Those Manson Lamps.
12 - Won't You Stay Around?
13 - Poorbox.
14 - Wood for The Trees.

On occcasion we play a few covers.

Editors - Smokers outside the hospital doors
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Love Burns.