Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis


Urban Oasis is a Brasilian group comprised of vocals, guitars, saxophone, bass and drums. Founder Bryant Urban brought together the musicians that share their passion for Brasilian music. Their core sound is built upon Bossa Nova and Samba and mixed with elements of Jazz, Blues, and Funk.


Urban Oasis’ sound is a rhythmically upbeat blend of Brasilian grooves with strong fusions from Jazz, R&B and Funk idioms. Blending these various idioms they leave their audiences with a veritable musical “Urban Oasis” of sound. Because the musicians are very much at home in R&B, Funk, and Jazz genres, in additional to Brasilian Bossa Nova, Samba, MPB, et al, their repertoire is extensive. Their musical performances range from sensitive interpretations of classic Bossa Nova to high-energy Samba. The common underlying thread remains Funk and Samba with Jazz improvisation sensibilities. More succinctly, it could be described as “Funky Samba”.

In the late 50’s, a group of composers in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil fused Samba and Jazz, creating a new music movement called Bossa Nova. One of the most prominent composers, Antonio Carlos Jobim, along with João Gilberto who stylized the form, crystallized their worldwide legacy with famous track recordings such as Girl from Ipanema, Corcovado, Wave and Desifinado. To this day, Brasilian music continues to influence many Jazz and Pop artists alike ranging from Frank Sinatra to Sting.

Fast-forwarding to 1994; Brasilian music continues to evolve with the formation of Urban Oasis. After performing together for several years, the band documents their union with a self-titled release on Quilombo Records. They enlisted world renowned musician composer Jovino Santos Neto as producer and recorded at Studio X and Ironwood Studios with seasoned engineer Reed Ruddy.

The release presents six Urban Oasis originals Baiãndo, Carmem, Leni, Song For My Brother, White Byrd, and Por Um Beijo Seu, along with five lesser traveled compositions from Brasilian composers Antonio Carlos Jobim, Djavan and Caetano Veloso. From the opening track Adeus América, the mood is set with the opening strokes of the Tamborim and completed with a small Batucada [drum ensemble] trailing off into the distance on closing track Coisa de Pele [thing of the skin]. The recording as a whole displays the rich landscape of the Brasilian music, and showcases the group’s ability to freely maneuver the Samba, Bossa Nova, Afoxe, Bolero, and Baião musical styles.

At the time, the rhythm section was comprised of original members Scott Ketron on drums and Miguel Garrido on bass, whose solid workmanship provided just the right pad for the guitarists Michael Martinez and Kiko de Freitas, and further augmented by Bryant Urban soulful harmonic weavings on saxophone. Special guests featured are Jovino Santos Neto on keyboards, piano, and melodica, Marco de Carvalho on guitar, Jeff Busch and Paul Martinez on percussion.

Their release has been met with support from local radio stations KPLU, KBCS and KEXP.


Urban Oasis

Set List

[3] 45-minute sets