Urban Preacher

Urban Preacher

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Your ultimate female-fronted soul-rock experience! Born in Montreal, this Toronto-based band tours endlessly, bringing their fresh one two punch of bari sax and female vocals to your hometown. Urban Preacher's unique songwriting and daring arrangements bring back an old sound in a new way.



URBAN PREACHER brings back an old sound in a new way, using live performance, synthesizers, horn sections and soaring melodies, all the while writing lyrics with relevant subject matter. Constantly changing setlists and rearranging older material, this soul-rock revue band is a six piece at it's core. However, the band has been known to perform shows with horn sections, backup singers, and surprise special guests.


Urban Preacher has toured East Coast Canada several times and debuted in the US this past December. Watch out for a summer tour announcement that will see the band back on the road in Ontario/Quebec and a fall return to the US. Urban Preacher is the only band who has held a residency at the 600+ capacity Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto (in association with Steam Whistle Brewery).


URBAN PREACHER EP 2009 - Urban Preacher recorded their debut EP in Toronto at Phase One Studio after spending a year recording demos in Montreal. The songs were captured live off the floor, and although the band sounds young, the recording shows off the roots of the band and features a stellar vocal performance from singer Myrrhine Faller. This recording received a nomination for a Toronto Independent Music Award.

SHADOWS OF MONTREAL 2011 (Deluxe Edition set for release in 2012) - Recorded at Piccolo Studios and McGill Studio A in Montreal as well as some overdubs at Phase One in Toronto, SHADOWS OF MONTREAL highlights the bands progression towards an edgier sound with more fully developed songwriting. This recording reflects on the band's move from Montreal to Toronto, and the sessions led to many songs being recorded with only a few being released. The band plans to re-release Shadows of Montreal at the end of 2012 with new mixes and possibly a revised track list.

Untitled 2013 - Currently in the pre-production phase. This will be the band's most modern sounding release to date.


URBAN PREACHER works with Montreal business guru Shelley Stein-Sacks who has been key to developing the business side of the band including the band's Steam Whistle promoted Mod Club series. The band is produced by 3X Grammy winner and dog lover George Massenburg, who has been a guiding light to developing the band's original sound.



Written By: Jordan Safer/Matt Mosionier/Myrrhine Faller

Hello there, I'm unprepared and naked | Unexpected, not rejected, welcome | Conscience fails, too afraid to rise | Excuse me if I seem a little unsettled | Lately I dream of something better | Excuse me if I seem a little unsettled | You'd be unsettled too | Oh your heart it can't stop mine from breaking | Crossed the world to find the girl who saves it | Roof is caving, I'm no longer waiting | Amore, hai sbagliato, perché sei venuto? | Un'altro giorno, si, ma ti dico non oggi | sull'labra tu vedrai, il marchio di un altro | non ti ho detto mai delle donne che mi han' baciato

Quidi Vidi Village

Written By: Jordan Safer

I was born in the city, so I ain't used to this | Kitchen party love in, inner city bliss | Fifteen hours sleep in seven days | I just might move out here if I can find a job that pays | It's just the way it is, no matter what you want | Kiss me on the lips and steal away my heart | From Quidi Vidi Village, it's a long walk home | Sunset to sunrise, you hold my hand | My city back home misses me, so stop it with your plan | It's six AM, my flight's at two | Please don't sit and wait for me to come back home to you | Mind the view from the battery

Shadows of Montreal

Written By: Jordan Safer

You were everything I wanted then, but aspirations change | We all grow old and lose our friends | Take some time to recognize, the motives of our actions as conscience streams | Shadows of Montreal, they follow me through the Queen Street fog | There's no use in turning back, the depanneur closed at ten | Maybe you could cover my snow tracks? | Take some time to realize, the haunting of our past that we can't erase

All Your Devils Part II

Written By: Jordan Safer/Anthony Rinaldi

Me, I'm a liar, and you came too close to the fire | I weave my own luck, in this web I sew, you get stuck | A clog in this machine, a pawn is all you'll be | If I pull back the blinds, you could see the warning signs | Sorry but I just can't help myself | Secretly we always seek everyone's help | All the users, in this unforgiving game | The abuser, will reach fortune and fame | All the users steal your face without regret | The abuser hasn't shown his face yet | All your devils, they've been searching for your fall | The grin of your self right always wins without a fight | The spider's legs you hold are shaking as they go | Under this veneer, all the reasons are quite clear

Don't Lose Your Good Thing

Written By: Jordan Safer/Myrrhine Faller

I'm your sweet dream when you need a rest | Your nicotine when you get stressed | I'm the cool breeze on an August night | Your candle when there's no more light | Check your head, don't lose your good thing now | I'm your caffeine when you need a kick | Your medicine when you get sick | I'm the angel in your devil's cup | Pocket aces when you've lost your luck | Hold on to what you've got, don't lose your good thing | I'm the treasure on your biggest quest | The flavour that you like best | Your umbrella in the pouring rain | Your absinthe to keep you sane


Untitled - 2013

Shadows of Montreal (Deluxe Edition) - Fall 2012

Shadows of Montreal - August 2011

Urban Preacher EP - February 2009

"Double Talkin' Jive: A Hard Rock Tribute to Guns n' Roses" (Versailles Records/Big Daddy Music Distribution) Contributed the cover "Locomotive" - April 2008

Set List

1 Quidi Vidi Village
2 Real Bad Love
3 All Your Devils pt 2
4 Kindred Soul
5 Tell Me*
6 Vintage Girl
7 Life is Ginger
8 Yes It's Good For You*
9 Don't Lose Your Good Thing
10 Unsettled
11 Shadows of Montreal
12 Waiting to Crash
13 Baby, Come Back to Me
14 Afraid of Everything
15 Lady Luck
16 Here Comes the Revolution
17 Strange Obsession
18 Moanin' the Blues
19 Guns Baby Guns
20 Roll, Roll, Roll
21 Rolling in the Deep*
22 You'll Never Get Out Alive
23 Circumstance & Time

1 X 1.5hr set