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This band has not uploaded any videos




More groove metal. This band plays music in that vein, but the band has some fantastic hooks and the vocals rule. None of this tough guy crap. The band sort of reminds me of Helmet, who I love. There are only a few tunes on here and that just wetted my appetite for more. This s**t is heavy and hits hard. Excellent job by these guys. - Chris Forbes - BallBusterHardMusic

""Rise" by Urbansnake"

Rising up from The Bronx in New York, Urban Snake are a motley lot that have bounced from band to band before all falling into the same rehearsal room. Their new album is just out, and quite frankly pins your ears against the back wall… of your next door neighbours living room. - Britcaster.com


This band deserves an A+ for this song. If the rest of their songs are of this quality I see big things happening for this band. This cd song starts out sounding a little like Black Sabbath then slips into a Metallica sorta feel with a mini slap of rap,high quality vocals, songwriting and musicianship -keep playing and don't look back!
- Kevin D Wood -- Garageband.com Reviewer

"Cranking Power and Controlled Rage"

"I think they crank. They remind me of this mix of Metallica, Motorhead, Sabbath all just kind of contained in this ball of cranking power and controlled rage."

-- Michael Yusi
July 19, 2007 - Michael Yuci UCradio


Urbansnake --- "Whiteknuckle" To be released Summer 07
Urbansnake --- Urbansnake
All songs on the CD have received streaming airplay. "Rise" has also been spun on terrestrial radio stations



Urbansnake is an alternative metal/rock band from The Bronx, NYC. The bands is influenced by a tapestry of creative heavy acts from the 70s through today. Urbansnake aspires to compose music that doesn't draw on trends, but, instead, on the musical tastes of its individual members. The result is heavy and original. Garageband.com reviewers have described Urbansnake as "face-ripping" and "blinding."

Lead singer, Vinny Corvino has fronted several
New-York based hard rock and metal bands, amongst them Holy Motorpunk and Stabbing Negatives. Holy Motorpunk's single, Meditation 17, received airplay on
New York's 102.7 WNEW.

Rhythm Guitarist, Kevin Aponte's band Semanon drew serious interest from Metal Blade Records, but disbanded shortly thereafter. Before starting Urbansnake with singer, Corvino, Aponte toured the Florida club scene with Slyce. Corvino and Aponte have been a songwriting team for several years. The two were the major creative forces behind Holy Motorpunk. Aponte later rejoined with Semanon drummer, George Paige to form Stabbing Negatives.

Lead Guitarist Andy Romeo and Bassist James Papa were the driving force behind NYC's Requiem. During the '90's, Requiem headlined in clubs throughout the city and opened for major acts including Life of Agony and Biohazard. Requiem received airplay on commercial and college radio and toured clubs along the East Coast.

Drummer, Hemi Bordowitz, played in the bands Lost Art and On My Signal. Urbansnake is currently composing new material and performing throughout the NYC Tri-State area. Go to urbansnake.com for more info or e-mail urbansnake@urbansnake.com