21st century trans-european sound adventure... Urban Trad plays with energy music that is inspired by european traditional music. On top of two female vocalists and the traditional instruments, a strong rythmic section, programmed grooves and samples give to the band its unique sound.


As the name indicates, Urban Trad is a traditionally-inspired music band, deeply rooted in the 21st Century. The acoustic instruments (accordion, violin, flutes, etc.) and the singing are supported by a rhythmic section and modern stuff which endow the group with its unique color: a music which suits as well for a rock concert as for a cultural center. The vigor and the musical quality, which emanate from the songs, catch on to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. In the beginning, it was meant to be just an album project, but the success encountered during the promotional concerts encouraged Yves in adding a public dimension to Urban Trad with other artists. It’s during the Eurosong festival in Latvia in May of 2003 that Urban Trad wins the hearts of the general public. « Sanomi », a song performed in an imaginary language (thus universal), received a surprising second place, just two points from the Turkish winner. Further to this superb performance, success became a habit: more than 30.000 copies of second album « Kerua » (and single « Sanomi ») were sold in Belgium; the CD was released in several European countries, and the concerts are increasing in Belgium and abroad (Louisiana, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Spain…) Spring 2004 was a turning point: while keeping the modern touch which has made the band’s success, the new repertory isn’t any longer exclusively Celtic-inspired. Yves has indeed drawn his inspiration from all over Europe (Scandinavia, France, Spain, Eastern countries, etc.). The third record whose production has been left in Simon Emmerson’s hands, from the English group « Afro Celts Sound System» will be released at the end of September 2004. Urban Trad played on the main stages of these festivalsFestival international de Louisiane (USA), Brussel''s Eurythmix (Belgium), Dranouter Festival (B), Francofolies de Spa (B), Colors of Ostrawa (Czech Republic), Llanes al Cubo (Sp), United Islands of Praha (Czech Republic), International Festival Tilburg and Leeuwaarden Celtic Nights (The Netherlands), Andar per Musica (Italy), Triskell Festival (It), Skagen Festival (Denmark), Aymon Folk (France), Tondela Festival (Portugal), BBC Live (UK), Santiago Festival (Sp)... Urban Trad have now released four CDs


One o Four (2001): Universal Music Belgium
Kerua (2003) : id.
Elem (2004): id
Erbalunga (2007): id.

Set List

Sets vary between 1h and 1hour 25. They are a mix of songs in different languages (french, dutch, english, galician...) and instrumental tunes.