Wellington, Wellington, NZL

Urbantramper is 3 piece electricUTOPIA band from Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Urbantramper is 5 piece ‘future folk’ band from Wellington, Aotearoa. The band is currently experimenting with Utopian Music.

The band completed their second European tour in August 2010. They performed at festivals and venues in the UK, France Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and Switzerland, plus shows in Japan and the US. Lead singer and song-writer Lake has recently returned from a songwriting sojourn in France to re-unite the band and record their fifth album.

We have entitled our music: 'Future folk'.

Future - because we are in a state of becoming and our music is an aural representation of unrealised dreams.

Folk - because we write simple songs for everyone to play and sing along to.

Manifesto-in-progress: To try and capture emotions/experiences, that are felt or perceived, and present them in a digestible, aesthetically pleasing format. To stimulate feeling in our listeners; be it that of concurrence with the emotion we attempt to convey, or of reaching a place hitherto not explored. To play, write, perform and record with ardour and respect for our subject, ourselves, our listeners and the artform itself; we acknowledge our responsibility to all...


2011: Kate Bush Saved My Life (Single)

2010: The Workers' Album: All that is solid melts into air

2009: Rise & ride toward...

2007: Tokon & the colours

2005: The treeninja always gets through...

2004: To the future on foot...