Urban Verbs

Urban Verbs

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
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Urban Verbs is a multimedia, hip hop theater piece that is half music video, half Hip-Hopera. Lyrical Theater (formerly known as musical theater) with a hip hop aesthetic, originally written/sampled score, written entirely in poetic verse. Blue collar hip-hop written by MCs with 9 to 5's.


Urban Verbs: The Conceptual Abstract

It ALL started with an answer. An answer we still haven’t been able to define, but are determined to defend. We asked each other…”How does a Black kid from New Jersey, a Brown kid from the Barrio and a White kid from the Foothills who’ve known each other all of 5 years, come together to create an artistic reality that they all feel like they’ve known their entire lives?” Almost as though they grew up on the same block.

The answer is not Hip Hop. Hip Hop is just the common denominator. The song we remember from THAT summer, THAT prom, THAT loss. But “THAT” story…the fact that we all have a different “THAT” story and maybe we all have a different set of songs for our soundtracks…but we ALL have a soundtrack. We all have a picture, portrait or painting. We all have a dance, good or bad at it. We all have a poem, a song, words we said…and words we didn’t. Hip Hop only illuminates these relationships and connections for people from different sides of the wax. But once we connect…we are connected.

So this show is about asking questions of others and of ourselves. Critical reflection and ambitious projections. Like real Hip Hop, the value is in the process not just the product. The lessons that come with facing, challenging, inventing, accepting and re-inventing oneself. Like real Hip-Hop, Urban Verbs is always in growth, maturing the lexicon and definition of what Hip-Hop is, rather then what it isn’t. The show houses a piece of each city that houses the show. The show is a discussion, where we may have the first word, but the audience certainly has the last.

Because when we all peel back our layers flesh by flesh…we are each other. Just with different stories. Hip Hop just exposes our connective tissue. This show acts as a microscopic lens that magnifies this connection and makes it un-ignorable.

To create a progressive narrative around Hip Hop culture and facilitate the practice of EVERYONE telling their story through Hip Hop as a form of love, a form of intelligence and a way of better living.

To increase the respect and acceptance of Hip Hop as a legitimate and visionary art form and worthy of academic inquiry

To be an example of how one can feed their family and live their dream through Hip -Hop that builds rather than Hip-Hop that destroys

To fashion Hip Hop into the tools that bring people together, stops wars, makes babies and raises them!

We all believe in the power that art has to empower, emancipate and change lives as it did ours. We make the time to create art together because we believe what we are creating has such a sense of duty and responsibility to inspire change in people, that NOT doing it is akin to giving up on beauty, positivity and hope for a different kind of Hip-Hop, a different kind of world for ourselves and our children.

Urban Verbs is an alternative interpretation to the brainless, heartless, materialist, violent, sexist, homophobic, self-involved popular perception of Hip-Hop. And it is urgent that THIS representation of Hip Hop culture, which is actually the lion’s share of those who identify with our generation, be put out there to affirm those who are Hip Hop, those that wear it as who they are and to enlighten those who aren’t and attack it.

We are extremely sympathetic to the wandering attention span of younger audiences (since we all spend large parts of our professional and personal time working with youth in our community). Even as poets, we understand that every person is not built for a 50-minute English Lit course. As educators we know that learners and all other kinds of consumers of information come in varying shapes and sizes. So our technique is multimedia (visual, video, audio & verbal) and “something for everyone”.

We have a belief in the DIY (Do It Yourself) Model of bringing art to the world. None of us have had the luxury of an agent or representation. None of us live in the artistic vortex of New York or Los Angeles, so the hopes of being “discovered” are slim to none. We’ve always promoted our own shows, our own art and ourselves. We are savvy enough to understand that via this model we can own more of our profits and career trajectory while keeping our artistic integrity. This is very important to what Urban Verbs represents, because reclaiming the narrative is hard to do when someone else owns you, your studio time or the rights to your work. These same philosophy and industry lessons are what we teach to the aspiring talent we often work with in our communities. Some of our other guiding philosophies include giving back to our communities which have supported and nurtured us as artists. We philosophically promote the serious consideration of art as a career and a way to better the world and we work help others develop those tools while we attempt to lead by example.

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Urban Verbs: Hip Hop Conservatory & Theater
(Full Theatrical Performances & Guest Lecture Performances)
-November 2009 Harwood Arts Center Albuquerque, NM
-February 2010 St. Lawrence University Canton, NY
-January 2011 Revolutions International Theater Festival Albuquerque, NM
-July 2011 The Filling Station Albuquerque, NM

Stay Tuned: Urban Verbs Mixtape Volume 1

Be (2011) Hakim Be Produced by Diles (Local Radio Play)

Mood Static (2010) Various Artists Produced by Diles

Gut Feeling (2010) Various Artists Produced by Diles