Uriah is a melodic metal group in the style of Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Tool, and Mudvayne, combined with elements of classical piano.


Formed in 2004, in Santa Clarita, California, Uriah is a melodic metal group in the style of Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Tool, and Mudvayne, combined with elements of classical piano. The five band members (ages 22-27) include Lucas Carbajal (vocals), Philip Beer (guitar), Chris Breedlove (bass), Ryan Wade (piano) and Ralf Mueggler (drums). Since all but one of the band members are from other parts of the country, there is a magnetic force that has drawn the band and their growing fan base together. Dedicated and hard working, yet always socially engaging and generally fun to be around, the band has fought through line up changes to emerge as a stronger and more creative musical writing force. In March of 2005, Uriah successfully booked and toured the Southern California region without the help of agents and/or management, consisting of ten shows in fourteen days playing at venues such as The Hard Café and The House of Blues in Hollywood. Also during this early run of accomplishments, Uriah performed in several showcases, including opening up for Hed PE at the legendary Key Club in Hollywood playing to a sold out venue. Recently, Uriah was featured in Penthouse Media Group’s upcoming film “Out of Control” as well as licensing their music to several new Penthouse films due out in early 2007. The group has made appearances and received airplay on Talkhardradio4u.com and Europe’s Sky Network satellite radio. Currently, the band is a Southern California finalist in Bodog Entertainment’s Battle of the Bands and their exposure has increased with FUSE TV filming and televising this event. Uriah is due to release their self produced full length album tentatively titled “Letters in Blood”, scheduled to hit store shelves August 2007. With the upcoming release on the horizon, Uriah is still pushing the envelope creatively, with several new songs written since tracking was completed. Dedication and reverence for the art of music is the key element of what Uriah stands for. They tirelessly struggle to reach out to each and every fan that enjoys what they hear. With honest and intelligent music, the members of Uriah visualize longevity as part of their individual music careers. Keep your eyes out, your ears and mind open, and you may have just found the sound that you've been looking for.



Written By: Uriah

I will not let you chain me down with these boundaries, you've set for those, you feel can't handle reality. .
I will be your pawn moving step-by-step in this game, changing so you can watch us all fall down

I feel the ground beneath me move, don't let it fall away
I see the castle break, don't let it fall on me (x2)

Don't let this (life) pass you by. . . Don't be convinced there's no reason to try. . . Just trust in thyself and hold your head high

I will become everything that you've learned to fear, and will not stop until I've taken everything that dear. .

Letters in Blood

Written By: Uriah

You bind me, I served you my King,
But you deny me, These deep insults you bring,
As you sacrifice me, cast me out into the the fray
My shadow will haunt you as you live your lie. . .

Cast me to the front-lines
You'll never take her from my side
Disgrace is all you fucking hide
Seven days good king, then you'll mourn inside

My wife lie in your bed, consumed by lies you've put in her head
With my death you will not find your peace, in tragedy

Here you'll find me, sleeping in dust alone
As my men are dying, as you watch her from your throne
And now she's crying, mourning this death you've made
My shadow will haunt you as you live your lie. . .

So you call yourself a king?? So what does it mean when you send out others to carry out your deeds, while you sow your seed within our wives!!??

How could you. . . (x4)

How could you look me in the motherfuckin' eyes,
Knowing full well you just sent me to die

Redemption, I Am

Written By: Uriah

"I am. . so alike you in ways that I am, Beside you as you slip away, I am. . .
I am, awake as you sleep I am, the poison that fills your mind. . I am. . .

I am, haunting your dreams I am, the shadow, so familiar that lurks I am,
I am here with you, the one granting your fantasies true, I'll give you the world!!! Fuck your god, he is dead, his holy cross is stained with red. . .

I can read you like an open book, your pages flicker with the warmth of candlelight's soft glowing emotion written upon thy wall, I will lift you as we fall. . . ."

Read to me, read to me this day, and I will listen, these words do not fall on deaf ears

"Trust in me, I've bled for the direction of your ways
Redemption I am. . . .

Cast me not aside, you say. . ., for temptation is the instrumentation of this death

I am the way and the light, salvation can only come through your trust in me, and I am here. . .

Redemption I am (x4)


Written By: Uriah

I remember when you said it would change, strange I believed you then, but no more empty promises shall leave your lips again
I know you never meant to hurt anyone, but I know, the damage has already been done, it’s over, we’re finished and now, you’re burning your last bridge back home

Burn, your bridges fall down, disconnecting your past with this new life you’ve found, so
Burn, your bridges fall down, you can’t hide forever, needles and pills won’t fix you

It must be nice to have the luxury to never care for anyone but yourself
Escaping the tragedy, only to see you crawling back for more

How dare you, don’t speak, your words are like poison to my ears and there’s no antidote

Open your eyes and see, look at what you’ve done to me
Open your heart and be, who you were before you left me

It must be nice to have the luxury to never care

You must, be one of them, you must hold the weight of the world in your hands (2x)
…and there’s no antidote

Tales of the Forlorn

Written By: Uriah

All the doors are locked, and all the windows barred, an empty boulevard inducing harrows scar
Errare humanum est, descansus Averni, I suffocate the losses in time of need

Just lay down in this hollow flame, to purify and place the blame
Don’t make a sound as you call my name, call my name

Echoes of this long lost tranquility, resonates in these desolate halls
We’ve snared the pitfalls of our truths, to separate is to reunite, with instability, and no resolve

Tonight we’ll break the chains, of our self-righteous existence, our relationship is fucked beyond all cost, release your hold on me

Let me bleed in this silent sleep, pardon me as I bleed
Let me bleed in this silent sleep, release your hold on me

I suffocate (2x)

In This Victory

Written By: Uriah

Wage war upon thy enemies, consumed by their jealousy, surrounded by blasphemy, I foresee my destiny
You can’t drag me down, in me the light will surround, blinding travesties cast forth in wickedness

Sixpence for your ignorance
In this victory, a kingdom will be formed
Sixpence for your ignorance
In this victory, a legend is born (2x)

Breathe in the riches that victory brings, thousands of voices chanting our name
Breathe in the fumes of agony , for it’s the last time we’ll taste defeat

Send out your legions of pain, you can’t break me
The blood will be spilled all the same, we will live to fight this tyranny

We will stand our ground, our destiny, we’ll prevail, blinding travesties cast forth in wickedness
I will rise (2x)


Letters in Blood - 2007