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Jango.com online radio station go to jango.com type=URIM:THA BLOOD PLEADA (in artist bar Jail has stole many opportunitys but now i return wid da strongest weapon yet!



Urim, is one of the many names I carry, a powerful definition I will leave out to keep this brief. The hardest part about this bio is keeping it short, like hiding a shotgun in a birthday cake it must be sawed off. I have the life story that less than one percent of musicians or rappers can truly write about or be marketed from, a true story of surviving a war in the streets. As the youngest member of my neighborhood I became the trigger man at age 15, as I sat in jail the bricks spoke to me and told me that a weapon that doesn't bring you face to face with your opponent is cowardly, from that day forward I carried an axe. (picture a horror movie) That axe blade was my sole weapon in my final years of living that life. I'll never live that life again and have not wrote any songs about it but I'll always have a razor blade in my mouth if all other weapons are took from me. The music=I wrote all songs, composed all tracks, recorded and produced it all completely alone. I could only imagine if some of these tasks were relieved from me I would have more time to focus on tracks and song writing. The vocals are dry with no effects, except the intro to "Harvest Reapa" and the chorus to "Curse of The Serpent". I always find a different voice to fit each song and my chorus's/hooks never repeat the same words and are always different, they only repeat a key phrase to give each song a fingerprint. Gethsemane is a showcase of power, there are hardly any gaps or pauses to even breathe. I've only scratched the surface, my true potential awaits. Same warrior different war.