Orlando, Florida, USA

A dark melodic band that tends to cross a number of rock genres ranging from post-punk gothic to progressive metal. The bands also uses traditional influences such as Celtic and Native American music in the expression of their individuality.


The U.S.-based dark metal band URN® is one on a musical journey exploring the darker aspects of both the conscious mind and the unconscious soul.  The band has been captivating audiences across multiple genres and have been establishing themselves as one the more energetic live acts to see.   The band has drawn comparisons by national trade media to such artists such as Type O Negative, Lacuna Coil, Amorphis, Nightwish, My Dying Bride and other similar acts that tend to find a certain beauty in darkness. 

The band originated in 1994 as part of the Cleveland college music scene and relocated to Chicago in 1998 as founder Dominic St. Charles also performed with the Electric Hellfire Club. Urn started touring nationally in 2001 in support of their first self-released EP “Consecrated Ashes”.

The band then followed up and self-released their “Desecrated Ashes” EP in 2003 and received strong airplay support via college and internet radio stations across North America.  The band then self-booked several national tours and eventually made their Canadian and Mexican debuts in this timeframe.

In December of 2005, URN signed with Rotting Corpse Records and in July of 2006, released their first full-length LP “Dancing with the Demigods” with major chain-store distribution through Century Media, Synergy Distribution and Azure Green.   The album received rave reviews in trade magazines such as Pit Magazine, Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, Explicitly Intense, New Witch, Dark Realms, and many more.

As a result, URN toured even more extensively throughout North America, highlighted by being the direct support acts for To/Die/For, Virgin Black for full production tours.  The band also did support for regional legs of tours with Moonspell, Katatonia, Daylight Dies, and Finntroll, and many notable others. 

The band also headlined many high-profile conventions/festivals throughout such as Ancient Ways in Chicago, KiNvention North in Toronto, Endless Nights in New Orleans, Radio Active in Detroit, GenCon in Indianapolis, The International Body Art Expo in Columbus, Paganstock in Michigan, Doomsday Metal Fest in Milwaukee and The Long Black Veil in New York. 

URN released their second full-length album, “Scribings of a Forgotten Soul” in July 2009, again on Rotting Corpse Records, and the band would continue its relentless approach to international touring and promoting by being direct support acts for artists such Tarja Turunen for full tours as well as being selected for regional tours with artists such as Epica, Leaves Eyes, Ensiferum, Tyr, and The Genitorturers.

In 2011, the band relocated from Chicago, Il to Orlando, FL to seek a new perspective on many facets of life and music and in early 2014 signed with Dark Moon Records and recorded their fourth major release “Epiphany” with a scheduled January 2015 release date.

URN, a band who is always pushing their boundaries and thresholds, looks to continue to do so over the coming years by their life commitment to constantly evolve, adapt, and grow on their musical journey.


Liar in Waiting

Written By: Dominic St. Charles

My conscience is struggling
Yearning to see
Looking for the answers
To set my mind free
I'm twisting and I'm turning
Yet still I'm not learning
My grip is releasing
As my will is decreasing

Voices are speaking
They're calling my name
Asking me to come in
and join in their game
Looking for answers
I no longer find
Lost in the recess
of my dark mind

I'm my mind
war now is taking it's toll
Stress is now causing
a rift in my soul
I want to be loving
I find myself hating
I fear I'm becoming
a liar in waiting

I lay in the darkness
As my body does ache
I stare at these shadows
That shiver and shake
I'm hostile and I'm violent
I can not remain silent
I feel as this hating
As a liar in waiting

Little Tin Goddess

Written By: Dominic St. Charles

If she comes by land
Or she comes by sea
I stand upon these shores
When she calls to me
I may be young
But I'm not naive
I've learned all her ways
How to trick and deceive
Learned all the things
That she wants me to know
Earned my place
Before it's time to go
My mind is strong
My will is good
All of these things shall be understood

The lord of the night
and she's calling to me
All of my life
I've been learning to be

Worked real hard
Paid my dues
Certain now of this
road that I choose
The day shall come
When I'm on my own
Repay the debts
In the way that's shown
Her name will go on
Like the rays of the sun
People will hear
Of the things that she's done
To give her my best
It's my honor to do
She will soon know
Before the day is through

The lord of the night
and she's calling to me
All of my life
I've been learning to be

Speak to me now
And instruct me well
Teach me to see
Teach me to tell
Help me understand
As to what I need
Warn me of words
and the feelings to heed
Guide me along this winding path
Teach me me heal
Teach me to last
My mind is strong
My will is good
All of these things
Shall be understood

Etched in Stone

Written By: Dominic St. Charles

The rain falls across my face
Camouflaging my tears
A soul surrendered in full grace
Opens up my fears
I stand at this burial place
Think about the years
Existence vanished without a trace
Cut away with shears

I am incomplete
I can not sleep
Look down to me and pray
From hour to hour
A continued shower
Of pure agony and pain
Empty inside, nowhere to hide
Night has devoured the day
My world destroyed
Both null and void
My happiness is stripped away

All I see is misery
And your name that’s etched in stone
I scream and cry, but who am I
To stand and question the throne
Braced with anguish and cast into hell
I sleep my nights alone
My memory is all that I see
And your name that’s etched in stone

As silent as a pantomime
Enjoyment lost in pain
Forgotten in the night I find
Down the path of the insane
Reasons for my tragedies
Do not seem quite clear
All I have are my memories
Which in time will disappear

I am so cold
No longer bold
Emptiness has settled in
In vain I find
Losing my mind
For something within
When I pray let me hear you say
For I can’t fell you near
In dreams I see
Please comfort me
Because you are far from here

House of Glass

Written By: Dominic St. Charles

Nemesis enter in my most sacred place
Wipe away all my dreams with one erase
Steal from my home without a care
Cast my soul into grave despair
Pacify my hatred and my rage
Like a beast inside its bonded cage
I stand here with my hurt and my abandonment
With all my rage and my resentment
My pain well is it shall survive
It keeps my here and keeps me alive

Look away, forget my face
It seems to me that I’m a disgrace
I am not sorry, for this was not my choice
Hear my name, for it is yours
My screams will penetrate these closed doors
Don’t cast your stones at me
For this was my home too

History re-written by your evil quill
My soul is one that you can not kill
You insist that all that you will say is true
But no one could every believe in you
Laugh and smile as you think that you’ve beaten me
Imagine your fate when I have my victory
All this anger will one day will be returned
From the child that you have now spurned

My life was not forsaken
For these things which you have taken

I would have thought that all things would be an end
You insist that you are still my friend
All this pain that never was kept inside
Sign of shame from which you could no longer hide
No more worries and no more cares
I’m moving on with the better fare
All these tales had once been all foretold
For price of your soul which you had sold


Written By: Dominic St. Charles

I look to the east and I see the sun
I’ve learned to see the day
I turn to you and extend my hand
My soul is here to stay
I feel the strength and the power within
All I see is fire
All I ask is you take my hand
Join me in this pyre

Why have I suddenly sent that it’s you

Dance with me now, for there is nothing else
Except for our universe
Cleanse me with this light that shines
Wash away my curse
Teach me all that there is to know
The path that I must take
Help me to forget my past
The one which I forsake

Try not to feel
This pain I will not deal
Know what is real
This truth which I conceal

I look to the west as I watch it set
I know this day is done
My eyes have opened to a brand-new world
I know my time has come
I shed my tears as I lose my fears
For I am truly free
I have you to thank for this
Now that I do have me


  • Consecrated Ashes EP - June 2002
  • Desecrated Ashes EP - October 2003
  • Primal River Valley Compliation (Latex Records) - September 2005
  • Raw Agression III Compliation (Rotting Corpse Records) - December 2005
  • Dancing with the Demigods LP (Rotting Corpse Records) - July 2006
  • Scribings of a Forgotten Soul (Rotting Corpse Records) - July 2009
  • Epiphany (Dark Moon Records) - August 2015

Set List

URN sets lists have varied depending on the genre and the type of show (club show, festival, convention, etc.). Typically, shows are about 45- 60 minutes in length, but URN can perform up to 120 minutes for conventions and other special performances. URN does not do any covers.


Hero Worship

Liar in Waiting

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Silently, I'm Still Screaming


Dancing on the Day of the Dead