Leer Jetta

Leer Jetta

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Old school vibe with creativity and lyrical art that doesn't promote the use of narcotics nor violence.


Leer Jetta was born and raised in Harlem, N.Y. and is the fourth oldest to eleven siblings. Leer Jetta started writing music at the age of thirteen years old and truly discovered his passion for music at the age of fifteen and was writing non stop from there on. Leer Jetta grew up in an era that he feels represented hip hop the best, which he considers to be the 90's era. Leer Jetta's witty storytelling and lucrative wordplay has the underground streets of Harlem in a frenzy. Not only does Leer Jetta posses the talent of a true lyricist but he can also combine that lyricism into a wonderful song which so many fail to do. Leer Jetta's goals in this music industry is to try to restore the creativity and the roots back into hip hop. Leer Jetta know's that he can not conquer this high mountain by himself, he just hopes that once he hits mainstream that he opens the door for other upcoming artist to follow suit.


"Changed My Life" is a single that has been recently released by Leer Jetta and he is seeking airplay for his smash single.

Set List

Changed My Life

Leer Jetta sets are typically around 5-6 minutes long.