Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor

 New York City, New York, USA

“Tough and loose, totally incubated”–NYTimes
Timeless vocal driven rock-pop with primal rhythmic undercurrents; peerless musicianship with unnervingly direct, captivating delivery.
Ursa's debut was championed by Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley; their critically acclaimed new LP "Showface" is out now.


URSA MINOR Biography

New York Times- “Tough and loose, totally incubated…one of the most flexibly rugged rock rhythm sections in New York”

Time Out New York- “The group [Ursa Minor]’s album Silent Moving Picture is one we keep coming back to, finding something new each time.”

Envisioned, fronted and founded by New York singer/writer Michelle Casillas, Ursa Minor has become a mainstay in NYC’s Indie Rock scene. The band delivers a timeless mix of vocal driven pop/rock with a primal rhythmic undercurrent; sharp and urban yet broad and free. “Ursa Minor blurs the line between folk, jazz, and experimental music...with haunting, spare, even cinematic songs.”-All Music Guide. Splendid Magazine calls their songs “warm works of natural beauty…appealingly tousled” and New York’s Village Voice describes Ursa Minor’s sound as “ethereal yet concise… wrought with enunciated keens and alto murmurs, moody drum snaps and strong melodies.”

Ursa Minor’s debut LP “Silent Moving Picture” was released by Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley, on Smells like Records; a label known both for championing new artists (like Cat Power and Blonde Redhead), and for releasing comprehensive series of works by Lee Hazelwood, and Sonic Youth.
“Showface”, the current LP by Ursa Minor, was released Summer, 2011. Since Ursa Minor’s acclaimed debut, Michelle has swapped her Fender Rhodes for electric guitar and her songs have a new snap in them. Her singing is startling and sexy; effortlessly rhythmic, with soulful vulnerability and a bold attitude. “Casillas [wields] a sensuously fragile inflexion and phrasing… lilting from yearning highs to crooning lows almost instantaneously.” -Movment Magazine. “She hits her notes effortlessly, sometimes giving them a full oboe-like resonance and at other times skittering over them like a hipster flute.” –Splendid Magazine. Bassist Rob Jost (Imogen Heap, Bjork, Wayne Horvitz) and drummer Robert DiPietro (Norah Jones, Elysian Fields) equally create the sound, contribute songs of great depth and strength, and sing harmony, while the infamous Tony Scherr (SexMob, Lounge Lizards, Bill Frisell, Feist) brings a sonic lightning with his electric guitars.

Bold and original -All Music Guide

The stormy vocals set alongside the haunting instrumental backdrop make for wonderful…any time of day music -Movment Magazine

Storm cloud through a picture window -Village Voice

The kind of voice you would follow anywhere –Splendid Magazine


"Showface", LP, 2011
"Silent Moving Picture", LP, 2003