Urvalic is a team of people that bring absolutely new flavor & amazing songwriting like you have never heard before. Sultry vocals and searing guitars and drums pound in your heart somewhere between reality and fantasy. Urvalic is the future, Urvalic is the now. Urvalic is your answer to what's next


Urvalic is the brainchild of Johnni Urvalic and a machine that will take on the world and show the world the next step in the timeline of rock. Urvalic has played in front of crowds over 20,000 at once and many tours under our belts. Our live show is a mix between Rob Zombie, Blue Man Group and Willy Wonka. We are very theatrical and provide an amazing experience that no one will forget. "If you don't know who this band you should very soon because i really belive this guys got what it takes to get to the top music Industry.You will enjoy the vibe of songs they make starting off with songs like *Chemicals* which you just want to hear over and over then just want to blow something up with excitement."


Chemicals-2009 single
Chemicals-2010 full length CD to be released in Spring

Set List

We are an original band which do roughly 8-16 songs depending on the length of the show and if we are headlining. We do through in one cover song every show and they range from remakes we have made a bit harder like "The one I love" by REM or "I wanna know" by Information Society or "Whiskey Hangover" by Godsmack.