Us-2 Evil-0

Us-2 Evil-0


Us-2 Evil-0 is an indiepop boy/girl band from Manila, Philippines dedicated to wholesome fun, good music and the neverending battle against the forces of evil.


Us-2 Evil-0 is a Filipino indiepop band composed of people who aren't known as musicians. These include internationally-renowned fashion designer Mich Dulce (vocals), filmmaker Quark Henares(vocals), actor/cult fave Wincy Ong (guitar/keys), graphic designer Nix Puno (bass) and audio engineer Bogs Jugo (drums). They were all also members of other bands before they decided to band together during one drunken Rockeoke session, beholden to the promise to stick together by pinky swears. On November of 2009 they released their independent debut record "Dirty Debutantes", and since then have released two singles; "This Mighty Heart Attack" and "Our Weekends Dissolve". When asked to describe their music, they replied, "it matters not what our sound is. what is important is that we are on the side of good."


LP: "Dirty Debutantes" (Nov 2009)
"This Mighty Heart Attack" (Sep 2009)
"Our Weekends Dissolve" (Feb 2009)

Set List

we usually do 10 song-sets, which should take maybe 45 minutes. all originals, no covers. song titles are...

yeah ok!
superpoke is nothing compared to true love
this mighty heart attack