USA Break Dancers

USA Break Dancers


USA Break Dancers are a fun, family friendly performance group. They have brought their high energy comedy and award winning break dancing to festivals, colleges, halftime shows, and special events around the world since 1995.


The USA Break Dancers have brought their high-energy comedy and award winning break dancing to colleges, festivals, half-time shows, and specials events around the world since 1995. This spectacular show packed with acrobatic stunts, hilarious antics, and the hottest dance moves. Combining their comedic talents with cutting-edge dance choreography, Klown, Ill Will, Ready, and Mini Me deliver an unforgettable experience that has crowds all over the world cheering for more.

They perform to a blend of disco, funk, hip-hop, old-school rap and classic soul - music that will have everyone in the audience grooving and getting down to the bumper baby!

The USA Break Dancers are not just amazing performers, but reliable professionals with more than a decade of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients. They take great pride in their reputation as one of the most respected performing groups working today.


Partial List of College/University Clients...
Boise State University
Brookstone College
Cincinnati University
DePaul University
Hostos Community College
Kansas City University
Limestone University
Ohio State University
Pase University
Philadelphia University
Pratt University, NY
Rutgers University
Sacred Heart University, CT
St. Francis University
Stonybrooke University
SUNY Cortland
University of Connecticut
University of Delaware
University of Maine
University of Massachusetts
University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania
University of Philadelphia
University of Rhode Island
University of Vermont
Western New England College