us against the throne

us against the throne


we are a alternative acoustic 4 piece. Our music mainly is a 1 4 5 to a deceptive cadence; also we use many secondary dominants but not very many key changes. lyrics are all about the many choices we must make and the consequences we have to live with. We play what we know, and what we know we love.


We are a new band to portland. Only started back in october 2006. But in that short time we have been together we've played 10 bigger venues in the portland area developed a strong 45 person fan base. Average 2000 visits on the website every month. Even raised 700.00 in one night for cancer awareness. we are definity still a new band on the scene but aren't new to music.
vince meneses BA music vocal performance Marylhurst university.
samantha Bryant BM music pedigogy Marylhurst University
Sam Carroll natually gifted guitar player biggest metal head in the northwest.
kevin Leonard wannabe pilot but plays drums for UATT.
We are 4 completly different people who come together to play some very good acoustic soon to be hits.


we only have a couple songs recorded (without drums) and they are on the website

Set List

we currently play a 30 minute set and a 1hour set. what our fans love is that we don't stop. our sets are very well rehearsed and we link all songs together with fills that modulate to the next songs key and time signature. more music less talk.