Us and Others

Us and Others


With tracks exploring the gamut of emotions associated with loss, regret and rebuilding, Us and Others seem to find that perfect line between widely-accessible and pleasingly alternative music. Their debut album "Patchwork" features thirteen hook-laden, well crafted songs.


In early 2008 Us and Others began recording their first full length album between two studios and various living rooms across Toronto. Songwriter Graeme Cornies spearheaded the project, recording demos in his home studio and inviting former band-mates and various local musicians he admired to add their flavour to his tracks. The name Us and Others grew out of the early sessions, in which each song included a different cast and crew of musicians on various instruments. In bringing the music to the stage, a solid line-up began to take shape - comprised of the players who came to define the sound of the band most prominently. The nature of the scattered studio sessions, the multitude of players involved, and the subject matter of the tunes, gave rise to the album title - "Patchwork".


2011 - Us and Others - "Patchwork"

The singles include:

You and I
Lost at Sea
Burning Up
Wishing it Away