Us and Truckers

Us and Truckers

 Houston, Texas, USA

We are rock n roll kids playing punk rock music in a country band. We all enjoy different styles of music that we bring to our own music. We are a new band and are looking to branch out and gain a wider fan base. Party


After the demise of my previous band Fight Pretty, I decided to stop writing heavy music and focus more on writing the music that I wanted to hear. What started off as an acoustic side project soon turned into something different. I asked former Fight Pretty Drummer (Pete Sosa - The Burden, The Disasters) and guitar player (Halston Luna) to join me in my efforts to make my dream a reality. After a few jam sessions we asked our good friend George Doinidis to join the band and play bass. While we may not look like a group of musicians that would play alt-country music, we all like listening to and playing country.


Us and Truckers EP

Set List

Shotgun Romance
My Stars Burned Out
The Rabbit Hole
Same Old Story
Crack the Whip