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Some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak.


Chi-West an independent record label out of Chicago, IL. that was founded by Todd (SAUCE) Lee, with one of the focal points of the company being to provide some of the most talented artists out of the city and surrounding suburbs that have signed with the label an opportunity to get the proper exposure needed to succeed. The other was to create one of the most successful independent labels ever started in Chicago and the Midwest, with strong emphasis on becoming a well rounded entertainment company.



Written By: TODD D. LEE SR.

I just Wanna Live 4x
You can catch me
Next episode MTV Cribs

I just wanna live
Like I got that bread
The Goldvish
The cell phone
The 1 million in cash
Koenigsegg CCX
I like to mash da gas
And Rock CEO APO
Platinum rivets
With the diamonds on da bottons
Lord please forgive him
Yeah un huh, I know it’s vain
But the talent’s a given
Kofi coffee from the Monkey
Just to keep me woke
160 for a pound
Percolate that Joe
A 100k with my attorney
Baby just in case
You wanna pull a Ms. Jordan
Bitch I’ll fight the case
Keep my Mansion full of hunnies
Like my name is Hugh
My crib, My parties
Naked girls in the pool
A Russian blonde, a Chinese
And a cutie that’s Swede
Let me keep it real though
Where’s my ebony Queens
With the boy short booty
That I love to squeeze
And them thick ass hips
With a walk that’s mean

I just Wanna Live 4x
You can catch me
Next episode MTV Cribs

I just wanna live
Like the New York Sean’s
The Combs,The Carter or
The Shawn Marion
Dunk a bucket full of cash
Bank account in Leone
Costa Rica Margarita’s
With a shot of Petron
Good Ganja from da Jungle
Of the Marley’s Home
My Gulfstream , At O’Hare
Hit the guys on the phone
Tell’em meet me at da Airport
We flyin to Rome
And if you plugged and u party
Get yo drunk ass on
Yo girl need a break dude
Bring ya wife along
But If she Blah Blah Blah
Leave her ass at home
This is Chi-West Bidnezz
Man I’m stuck in a zone
And if you ain’t tryna live
Nigga change the song
But if you feel it like I feel it
Yeah you know I’m try’na get
No I’m not try’na hear it
If you not try’na Live it
Somewhere close to a billion
When you start to catchin feelings
Cause yo money touch the ceiling
Black somma bitches

I just Wanna Live 4x
You can catch me
Next episode MTV Cribs

I just wanna live
Like my name Obama
Barbeque da white house
With my baby mama
No I’m Not to be confused
With that dude Osama
Or the C student dude
That caused the Iraq drama
Politikin is my game
Stop ya campaign push
Secret service on my team
I can get you hushed
You can try to stop my family
But , its all in vain
I'm El Presidente' dog
At the Top of the chain
Keep my face in the news
All because of my fame
A Bomb plot on my plane
F B I on the scene
I’m Young, black and in control
You better brace for change
And if you hustle til hurt
Then we one in the same
Shah Bros.
Baked this beat Over open flames
So if you lookin for a hit
Yo you in the right place
And Chi-West ENT.
Is now a part of the game
And you can, Get used to da name
Cause Muthafucka we stayin



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