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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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"Band drums support for EP"

For one Aurora band, rocking and rolling on stage offers the same drive as owning a business.
Use as Directed will hit the road this month to promote its first EP, Any Other Girl.
The band — guitarist Chad Porteous, 18, vocalist Keegan Powell, 18, bassist Kevin Lacaille, 18, and drummer Mich Carriere, 22, — is following the famous Vans Warped Tour, a music and extreme sports festival.
Not actually on the tour itself, the band is following in the footsteps of numerous bands that followed the tour previously.
“Basically, we’re playing for those kids waiting in line to buy a ticket,” Mr. Powell said.
“There’s no guaranteed pay. It’s just (playing) our EP to those who want to listen. It’s a right of passage about how long you can survive.”
As with any start-up business, there are risks.
“It’s a risk, definitely seeing that there are so many bands out there,” Mr. Powell said.
“But it’s not that huge of a risk if you enjoy (yourself) and believe in what you’re promoting. We know it won’t happen overnight. Just look at the Goo Goo Dolls — they started at 18 and didn’t get their big break until they were 35.”
Aside from booking their own gigs and learning the business management side of music, they are also learning to manage funds.
Through fundraising efforts and dipping into their own bank accounts, the band has been able to finance the EP and is working toward recording a full-length album.
“It’s the hardest non-paying job,” Mr. Lacaille said.
“Being in a band will teach you more than stocking shelves at a grocery store. We’re not playing for the money, but we need the money to make the tour happen.”
Their drive stems from a love of music.
“We’re not here to be famous,” Mr. Carriere said. “We’re not here because we’re good at playing Guitar Hero. We’re here because we love it.”
For the band, success is simply about making good music with catchy lyrics.
And the songs become catchy when the audience can sing the words to the song, Mr. Powell said.
“The meat and potatoes are rock and roll,” he said. “Then, we add speckles of our own style on top. I can’t see myself doing anything else.” -

""Any Other Girl"(2010) under review"

Use As Directed – Any Other Girl EP
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: August 8, 2010


Fresh out of high school, Aurora, Canada’s Use As Directed have eagerly embraced their love of softer pop-punk/rock music with their debut EP, Any Other Girl.

How is it?

Any Other Girl is a fine beginning for Use As Directed, combining slower rock tunes with infectious poppy hooks. The prime example of this combination being title track “Any Other Girl,” which begins the EP as one of the slowest tracks on the record. Despite the cliché lyrics about a loss of love, the track sets up the EP well as the pace picks up over foot-tapping inducing chanting. “Change Your Mind” is a faster number, courtesy of vocalist Keegan Powell and guitarist Adam Gitto. Lyrically, the track is the antithesis of the opening track; however, it is still by no means a lyrical highlight.

“Wasted” begins with a country-esque feel (see The Maine’s latest record) and in fact is incredibly reminiscent of The Maine’s latest single, “Right Girl.” Being as that track is one of few decent tracks by The Maine, this is not by any means a terrible comparison, as the track is indeed appealing and diverse for Use As Directed. The final “All That I Want” features an especially catchy chorus, although again is nothing special due to the rest of the track dragging on.

While Any Other Girl does have many faults (lack of originality, cliché lyrics, etc), it is a definite opening for Use As Directed into the genre. If they can continue to experiment and find their own sound, as they lack a true identity, UAD could definitely end up making a name for themselves in their genre.


"Use As Directed EP Review"

Barely old enough to drive, Aurora, Ontario’s, Use As Directed, are emerging as a pop punk act with definite potential. Having had the chance to check out their self-titled debut EP which dropped a few months back in late September of this year, I was pleased to discover a much fuller sound than I had anticipated from such a young band.

Recorded at Forever Studio’s, the six songs EP is a fairly well rounded debut. This band is harboring so much potential it’s ridiculous, but I think that they could greatly benefit from the opportunity to work with a producer. The songs are there, they just need some fine tuning. The guitar riffs are rockin, melodies are decent, the songs are well constructed, and keys are a definite asset to this bands sound. Keegan Powell has a voice that completely works with the genre, but doesn’t sound like its hit its full capacity, it’s great but I felt like he was capable of more. I do commend the band on their harmonies throughout the record, as a lot of bands in rock music today don’t realize the benefits of being able to properly harmonize.

Powell does a kick ass job on “Fire When Ready,” which is the record opener. His vocals are reminiscent of early Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory). Track 2, “Write Me Out,” is a pretty solid song as well. It has a slightly darker feel than the rest of the songs on the record, but it have got a good intro and I really dig the chorus on this one. The chorus on track 6, “Attention, Attention,” really makes the song, it gives it a much needed punch and just at the right moment.

So if you grew up listening to bands like Blink, New Found Glory, and more recently even Taking Back Sunday, I recommend checking this band out. They’ll be back in the studio for early January 2008, so keep your eyes and ears pealed, and please people, Use As Directed.
- WGTS Magazine


Any Other Girl EP-May 2010
"Useless" single-Feb 2011
"Skin and Bones" single-September 2011
"Dizzy" unreleased *Sonicbids exclusive*-October 2011



Use As Directed and its shaggy haired torontonians blend a mix of ranging influences tracking back from the 90's to the early 60's. The result is a sound focused on melody and raw emotion combined with loud guitars and the friendly itch to contend with their idols.The band will finally coin its sound on the upcoming release of their first LP(2012 release)