Useless Beauty

Useless Beauty


Sugar crashed porcupine plays poker game with a mermaid.


On a December afternoon in 2006, two friends (and NYU Music Technology alumni)-- songwriter/pianist/producer Nam Choi and vocalist Katie Boone paired up to begin a musical journey that has led them through the streets of New York City, spreading their music and good cheer. You may have discovered them performing at The Underscore, Fontana's, Don Pedro, Desmond's Tavern, Otto's Shrunken Head, Yippie Cafe or the Bitter End's Singer/Songwriter Sessions. This dynamic duo's creations defy categorization -- they encompass a bit of many genres (Pop, Rock, Brazilian, Irish, Folk, Hardcore Metal, Classical, etc.), adding large doses of originality and sincerity.

Through Nam's intriguing, skillful songwriting and arranging, accompanying Katie's expressive and warm vocals (along with her growing arsenal of percussive instruments!), Useless Beauty communicates joy, sorrow, the ups and downs of love, innocence and the loss thereof, tongue-in-cheek humor and silliness... and everything in between. Their sound is proof that quietness and gentleness can contain much more than its apparent simplicity. Above all, Useless Beauty aspires to find a language that reaches out to people and conveys their hidden desires and stories, bright and dark alike. Their influences are appropriately wide-ranging -- they especially admire those who make unusual sounds that inspire people, from the ethnic sounds in the streets and subway of NYC to Nordic experimentalism (Bjork, Sigur Ros, etc.).

Following their recognition as a Suggested Artist in the Song of the Year contest in May 2007 (, Useless Beauty recorded a handful of demos at NYU's studios with the gracious help of producer/engineer Ted Clayton of One20 Productions (Wu-Tang Clan, MoeRoc). They went back into the studio in August 2008 at The Buddy Project in Astoria, Queens, with engineer Zack McNees (Bjork, Paul Simon, John Legend), and most recently recorded an EP in May-June 2009 at Mother West in Manhattan with producer/composer/engineer Charles Newman (Erykah Badu, The Magnetic Fields) and at Plan 9 Studio with producer/engineer Paolo DeGregorio (We Are Scientists, editor-in-chief of The Deli magazine). They were joined by their wonderful, newfound friends: Stuart Solomon (guitar), Peter Cobb (alto saxophone) and Sharon Fischman (drums), and are eager to share their songs with the world!

**LATEST NEWS** Useless Beauty's "Only Reason" has received Honorable Mention in the 16th Annual Billboard World Song Contest!

"Refreshing… I didn't know what to expect" (Steve Lillywhite, U2 producer)


Only Reason

Written By: Nam Mi Choi

only reason

It’s cold
My chin is frozen
But you’re more concerned than I am
It’s dark
I can’t see a thing here
But you know where I’m supposed to be

The only reason I’ve found
That you need me more than I do
The only reason I’ve found
That you want me more than I do
The only reason I’ve found
That you like me when I don’t
The only reason I’ve found
That you love me when I don’t

Words are tricky
Emotions fail
But you know exactly what I mean
Though I’m your side
You feel me distant
But you know you can never lose me

You will find me in the most hidden places
You will reach me in the most distance spaces
Even when I forget who I am
You will see me without dirt or gold
Even when I start to doubt the truth
You’ll be there to show you never change

You’re my gravity
The ground to break my fall
You’re my gravity
You hold me to this earth
You’re my sanity
You know who I am
You’re my reality
I can’t live apart from you

Giggling Eyes

Written By: Useless Beauty

Giggling Eyes and the wrinkle underneath
How could I ever love someone else
Juggling works on the twinkling screen
How could I ever wanna be somewhere else than here

I will fold you will check
I got the best hand but you got the better bet
Fifteen sec can change your luck
is this only life you ever wanna live?

Shut Up & Let Me Love You

Written By: Useless Beauty

When a little angel gets too old and tired
can't lift her little wings
barely can drag'em around
and you're too sober to forget
you're too awake to miss it
trapped within limit
as if you could live without

shut up and let me love you…

Mer Song

Written By: Nam Choi

All you wanted was to bring me back
All you wanted was to keep me safe for another lifetime

But you can't see I can't never be the same
(the sweet child you've known)
and everything I've left behind
cannot be restored completely
even after my sacrifice
even after my slaughter

I've tried everything to not end up like foam
but that may be what I wanted
when I lost my faith in certainty

My tears won't become pearls
so I stopped crying altogether
just like you told me so

This story may not even have started
(had I blindly followed your wise will)
but how could I
when you don't do what you're saying
when I misread everything between the lines?


Wearing the glory of wild flowers
that no on ever sees
until kingdom comes

I'll learn to breath
through my gills again…

Broken Bones

Written By: Nam Choi

And your broken bones
Covers my blame
You know ‘bout the pain
Much more than I do

And your fresh blood
Melt my frozen soul
You know ‘bout the shame
Much more than I do

You look right into my darkness
You hear through my stubborn silence
My burden is never heavy to you
You can carry me on your back
You’re the only one who won’t be lying
When you say all this is yours
But you got me because-

You cried
You laughed
You saw truth behind my smile
Nothing can ever make you sick of me
But where am I?
You talked
You walked
You saw when I wandered wild
Nothing can ever let me far from you
But where am I?

Get There

Written By: Nam Choi

How long can you bite your bullet
without breaking your teeth?
How far can you stretch your day
without losing your sleep?

Are you really sure
you're ready to pay for this?
Are you really really sure
you won't regret when you get it?

Get there without losing yourself
Get there without ruining your head
you know you're the only one who'll
you know reverse this gravity

Get down when you don't have more choices
Get down when you don't see way out
you know you're not the only one who
you know have been in that spot


Somehow you'll make it but will you have your feet still
Somehow you'll take it but will you have your heart still?

(All you wanted
All you needed
is to be someone else

All you're trying
All you're faking
is to be yourself- )


Sugar Crush EP