Us on Roofs

Us on Roofs

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Building on loops of rattling, eastern-origin percussion instruments, simple electronic beats and lush layers of guitar and synth, Eastern Souvenirs creates experimental, hypnotic songs that thrive on the push and pull of foreign and familiar.


“This four-piece Seattle band could be classified as shoegazey but will do anything other than make you stare at your feet. Their guitar-heavy tracks could be described as the lovechild of the instrumentals of Grizzly Bear and the emotional quality of Death Cab for Cutie." -THE OWL MAG

Us on Roofs formed in the late summer of 2009 in the wooded, seaside town of Gig Harbor. Born in the influence of Tacoma's garage rock scene, the band took form as a minimal rock/pop trio when singer/guitarist Brian Fisher brought some half developed pop hooks to high school friends, Mikey Farrow (bass) and Nick Blodgett (drums). With only a handful of songs, they made their way to Seattle sharing the stage with local favorites like The Lonely Forest, Lemolo, and Hey Marseilles as well as touring bands like SSLYBY and Sleeper Agent. Having gained exposure all over the NW, a growing, loyal fan base, and new member Wesley Williams, Us on Roofs began crafting new songs for their debut full-length album (due out January 2013). Drawing from a larger and more eclectic collection of influences, their new ambitions venture into shoe-gaze and math-rock territory while remaining true to their roots. This is music that requires both sides of the brain--partly due to the fact that the band represents degrees in both Creative Writing and Computer Science. They headed up to Anacortes, WA in the summer of 2012 to capture their new sound at an analog recording studio called "The Unknown" built in an old church. With a sanctuary of natural reverb and an arsenal of marching band drums, gongs, vibes, and other noise-makers, they crafted an album that took on a life of its own, exceeding everyone's initial visions. Their songs convey an expansive scale as the lyrics take you deeply into both sensory and emotional experiences. Us on Roofs’ musical ambitions are only growing and this album represents a fresh start. After nearly selling out the Crocodile in Seattle for their release show (1/20/13) and playing a live in-studio on KEXP (2/9/2013), Us on Roofs is busy playing shows, crafting melodies and building new soundscapes.

"Whether it’s through seasons or relationships, the entire album is a journey; we guarantee you won’t regret tagging along.” -THE OWL MAG

"This four-piece has filled out its sound considerably since 2011's Some Unrecorded Beam EP, and the result is its strongest set of songs to date, striking an appropriate balance between melodic indie-rock riffage and brawny math-rock passages" -SEATTLE WEEKLY

"The melodic, shoegaze rock of Us on Roofs’ live sound is one of the most original sounds in the rock scene. While being very much guitar-driven, Us on Roofs isn’t afraid to push singer/guitarist Brian Fisher’s vocals above the mix, where his introspective, nature-oriented lyrics shine. These lyrics are solidly backed by the elaborate rhythm section of bassist Mikey Farrow and drummer Nick Blodgett. Last year’s addition of Wesley Williams to the lineup has taken Us on Roofs in an entirely new direction, as showcased in their live set, further transforming Us on Roofs’ sound into a much more sophisticated, refined sonic assault." -SSG MUSIC

"a very energetic (laid back, when necessary) live performance. Backed by beautifully engineered tunes, driven by melodic guitar riffs, tight drumming, and catchy bass lines. Us on Roofs is a band to keep your eye and/or ears on" -OUR MUSIC MOVEMENT

"...lush guitar-driven, math-pop" -KEXP

Some bands we have played with:
-The Lonely Forest
-Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
-Hey Marseilles
-Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
-Land of Pines
-Black Whales
-Nude Pop
-Learning Team




Written By: Brian Fisher

I fell asleep tucked in the shade of evergreens
And I woke to a familiar sound that drew me to my feet
Then I found you here but you had aged another year
All the summer nights were calling out and I reveled in their company

The grass still tall beneath a constellation wall
I breathe the chilly midnight air and it almost tastes the same
The welcome wind, it dries the salt upon my skin
I got a shiver up my spine because for a moment I forgot a year had past

It’s time to let you fossilize in memory
Beneath the soil, tied in the roots of all these trees
Let the ruins become like footprints in the sand—
A forgotten language blown across an empty land

I fell asleep tucked in the shade of evergreens
And I woke to a familiar sound that drew me to my feet
Then I found you here but you had aged another year
All the summer nights were calling out but they’ll never be the same


Written By: Brian Fisher

As I drove back home
I could barely see the road
Between shards of mountain glass
With no perception of time passed

Gripping for each hairpin turn
All my thoughts like embers burned
While the distance felt so vast
It wasn’t lonesome in that pass

In that distant haze
Is something still left to grasp
But fears of empty space
Are swimming in my glance

The great unknown—I’m terrified
But I’m getting through
Through the cold of December
Through towers of rock
Into something beyond

In that distant haze
There’s something left to become
I’m still frightened of this place
But I am brave enough


Us on Roofs - (Self-Titled) LP
Released January 20th, 2013
Self-released (Digital and local record stores)

Passage - Single
Released October 1st, 2012
Self-released (Digital)

Some Unrecorded Beam - EP
Released June 14th, 2011
Self-released (Digital and local record stores)

We Love This Comp, vol. 1 - Compilation
Released in March of 2011
Burning Building Recordings

Set List

We can play up to an hour of original material. Set lists vary by performance.