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U.S. Pipe is Funk’s United Sound Pipe, delivering a unique fusion of Funk, Hip Hop and Rock that is sure to connect with long-time fans of Pure Funk as well as inspire a new following of fans to continue Funk’s rich history.


U.S. Pipe is funk’s United Sound Pipe, delivering a unique fusion of funk, hip hop and rock that is sure to connect with long-time fans of pure funk as well as inspire a new following of fans to continue funk’s rich history.

The story of U.S. Pipe begins in June, 2005 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, when founder, lead guitarist and vocalist Chris “Citrus” Sauthoff went to audition for another Denver-area band. When the band’s manager learned that he was the stage manager and a guitarist with George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars (since 1995), the band quickly shifted their focus and the Pipe project began.

Over the next few months, people came in and out of the band’s rehearsals to audition and take part as the vision began to take shape. On September 1, 2005, U.S. Pipe had their first show in a headlining slot at Herman’s Hideaway, one of the most established and well-known venues in Denver. Their draw set a record for the venue and from there, the Funk just wouldn’t stop.

U.S. Pipe has gone through myriad changes in their development to become Colorado’s premier Funk band. After all, Citrus had learned at the feet of funk legends, playing shows with P-Funk all over the world in numerous prestigious venues and festivals, such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Fuji Rock Fest, the Greek Theatre, and the Apollo Theater, to name but a few. It was no surprise that he would grow to establish his own band where he and his fellow musicians could find their freedom as artists.

The band’s makeup hearkens back to bands like Sly and the Family Stone—a real diverse set of colorful characters whose combined energies make for a live performance unlike any other. Able to play four hours straight without stopping, they’ve set a standard for the music scene in which they are a part.

U.S. Pipe has performed at many prominent Colorado venues and events, such as Boulder’s Fox Theatre, Aspen’s Belly Up, Denver’s Bluebird Theater, and the Capitol Hill People’s Fair. They have traveled to neighboring states such as New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas, and Oklahoma, to spread the Funk across the Rocky Mountain Region and Midwest.

In 2007, they performed at Diversafest, the Midwest's largest and most comprehensive music festival, alongside celebrated headlining acts The Flaming Lips and Leon Russell. That same year they also opened for George Clinton, who, when asked about Citrus, U.S. Pipe and the future of Funk said, “It’s getting funky again. Citrus will get some people in here tonight. He’s opened for us before and every time we come here, (U.S. Pipe will) probably open for us. He’s funky.”

In March of 2007, Citrus officially resigned from the P-Funk camp to devote himself to the growth of U.S. Pipe. “I felt it was in my best interest to move forward with my own musical endeavors. I have received the blessings of most of the posse and have gotten support from fans around the globe. For that I am deeply grateful,” he says.

Later that year, the Pipe was recognized by Denver’s #1 alternative weekly, Westword, as one of the top Funk bands in their annual Music Showcase. “After seeing them at the 2007 Westword Music Showcase, I was convinced that the groove is definitely in the Pipe,” said Westword’s Jon Solomon. 2008 yielded another nomination from Westword.

U.S. Pipe has also opened for the alternative rock/ska/punk band, Fishbone (October 2007), and got the chance to open for P-Funk again when they played the Belly Up in Aspen in February 2008 and Mishawaka Amphitheatre in Bellevue in May.

The band just finished their first full-length release, United Sound Pipe, with an official release party set for February 19, 2009 at Denver's Bluebird Theater.

Praise for the Pipe continues. Santa Fe Reporter music writer Gabe Gomez says, “…this is hot, dirty sex-with-your-guidance-counselor funk from the funky town itself…” while the Loveland Reporter-Herald states: "U.S. Pipe has established itself as one of the top funk bands in the Denver area."

Proof indeed, validated by audiences and the most rabid and true funk fans that, if you have the ability to get down with the groove, U.S. Pipe’s Positively Inspirational Pure Energy blend will prove to be an auditory feast for your ear hole.


- "United Sound Pipe," November 2008
- "Party with The Pipe" EP, July 2007
- "Live @ Herman's Hideaway," Dec. 2005
- "Pipe Dreams" demo EP, Nov. 2005

Set List

Funky Family
Writa Man
Hooker (for adult audiences)
Get Up
Pass the Pipe
Smoke Screen
Funkin With the Pipe
Enjoy Life
Control Freak
Bad Mutha F**ka (for adult audiences)
Shake Your Money Maker

Music for My Mother
Tear the Roof Off
Funky Dollar Bill
Super Stupid
Can You Get to That?
Stuff and Thangs
(Not Just) Knee Deep
Somethin’ Stank (for adult audiences)
Red Hot Mamma
Alice in My Fantasies/Foxy Lady medley
I Call My Baby Pussycat (for adult audiences)
Standin’ On the Verge
Let's take it to the Stage
Biological Speculation
I've Been Watching You (Sexy Body)
Possession Free Philosophy