"usr/sbin" is a project of Dennis Moser for delivering both composed and improvised electronic/ambient soundscapes and tone poems in both recorded and live formats.


Dennis Moser trained in the classical tradition on trombone, guitar, and lute. A brief exposure to the North African oud and Indian sitar led to a continuing strong interest in world music.

After discovering the seminal ambient and electronic music of Brian Eno, Robert Fripp and others in the late 70's, he began to undertake his own exploration of the genre, using both acoustic and electronic instruments.

"usr/sbin" is the result of that exploration and serves as a recording and perfromance venue for Dennis' far-ranging musical ideas. His style spans the far-out spaciness that we expect from the likes of Steve Roach and John Serrie and broad, sweeping washes of sound, to the intricacies of the loopers to the straight-ahead linear melodic structures of the modern guitar.


"Deep Winter, North Texas Skies" (2005 release)
"Vernality" (2005 release)
"Inter Solstice" (2005 release)
"An Ambient Guitar: Volume 1" (2005 release)
All releases are currently being streamed at

Set List

Since all my work is original, there are no covers. A typical set runs about an hour and can be as few as a single piece or as many as four, allowing for improvisation.