Usual Suspect

Usual Suspect


Our music is very exciting, witty lyrics, upbeat riffs, catchy songs. Always trying to do something new, we're all really nice guys, we love to play shows, we love the fans and friends or just people that support our band. We all love any kind of music, and we love to rock out.


Usual Suspect is a Pop-Punk band from Macomb, Michigan. The band formed in winter of 2004 and the band clicked right away. With similar influences and a lot of inspiration, the band wrote music that they loved as well as their fans. The band has played many great shows with many great bands, shows such as Detroit News Battle of the Bands at the State Theatre, St. Andrews Hall, the Emerald Theatre, as well as Dirt Fest 2005, and a CD release party promoting their full length album, “Try This Once.” The CD has sold really well since the band introduced it to fans and friends. Usual Suspect is without a doubt pop-punk at its finest, with catchy songs, upbeat riffs, and witty lyrics; the band is the new definition of pop punk. What sets us apart from other bands is that we love to have fun, which makes our shows a lot more interesting, and our music isn't just the normal pop punk blink-182 used to put out, we have our own modern twist to it, so it's something new, instead of the regular emo bands that are out these days. The band continues to introduce itself to new fans and friends all around the tri-state area.


Super Hero

Written By: Usual Suspect

Wasting time in my room
With these memories of you
Wishing you were here
To share them too
It’s hard to make time for you
When you can’t make time for me
But I know my time will come

Give me a cry for help
My damsel in distress
Secrets kept locked away
That I just can’t confess
And I know that there is something
Missing in your life
Sorry I just can’t attend right now

So take a chance on me
You know I’d give my life
Just open up your eyes
I know you’d be surprised
Just wait for…

If I were a superhero
You know I’d save the day
I’d rescue you from all your troubles
And then take you away
You’d be free to do what you want
No consequences like you thought
You didn’t have the words to say

Open minded, one sided conversation
Keeps us blinded, from this situation
We’re running out of time
And we’re running out of space
It’s about time we left this place

Just a way to feel the same
It’s so sad
Just another one night stand
Aren’t you glad

Sell Out

Written By: Usual Suspect

They won’t open their eyes
And I’m at the end of my rope
And at the same time
You’re just enough to keep my hanging on

Selling me out tonight is what you wanted
And lets just say you pulled a win

Just cast me away now
Until you can’t see the whites of my eyes
And at the same time
You’re the one pushing me like the waves

It’s just something you can’t take

You keep playing games with my head
You’re the sneaky one committing theft
If I’m still conscious after this one then
I could walk away singing

Da da da da da da da

Please take hold of your ground
As you might slip and fall down
Please listen to me speaking
You’re the one not listening
I swear I’m telling the truth
Why would I ever lie to you
I guess what I want to say
It’s not important anyway

Try This Once

Written By: Usual Suspect

Get on my knees
To tell you
The feelings I have
Seem so true
Look up at you
Look down at me
So just please

Be with me
Grow with me
Old with me
Be with me
Grow with me
Old with me
Marry me

I'm in the halls of highschool
Skipping class just to see you
I have to be somewhere around you
Let me stay here

Just try this once
(To be with you)
I know it can work

Look in the mirror
If I’m ready
So I’m asking
Look right at me
Look right at you
Please say I do


6 song EP - Shoostubeaman
Full Length CD (12 songs) - Try This Once

you can listen to some stuff off our full length at:

Set List

It all depends on how long our set is, and what we want to do, we change up our set list every show, we always do something different, so it's really har dto say what our set list is, and so forth. A typical one, is probably a half hour set, playing about 5-7 songs, possibly throwing in a cover that is always different.