Seattle, Washington, USA

Usury is the disjointed songs bouncing around my head in a cacophonic manner. Acoustic by nature of being solo, but more at home in a punk club than a coffeehouse open mic. It's alt, indie, punky, whatever. Sporadically popping up to play shows in MT, WA, & NY since '06. Just released a 3rd LP.


I guess the closest thing I'd have to an artistic statement comes from the name Usury. The term means "an exorbitant amount or rate of interest." I think about that on a personal and emotional level rather than a monetary one. We all charge personal usury on those we interact and have relationships with. I guess my music kind of focuses on that (most of the time). *End pretension*

Usury has been around since 2006, playing shows in places like Billings, MT, Spokane WA, & Syracuse, NY. During that time I've opened for punks, emo kids, indie-folksters, and even some folks you may have heard of (The Dodos & John Nolan for example). Over that time three self-made, self-released LPs have also been churned out.

The 3rd Usury LP, The Melodramatics, comes out August 30, 2011. It's 10 songs of music. Music is neat.

Playin' anytime and anywhere. Seriously.


The Melodramatics (2011 LP), The Sweet, Sweet Shipwreck (2009 LP), Untitled (2008 LP)