Us Versus Them

Us Versus Them


We are a politically active band with a passionate voice. We play ferociously and full of energy. We are putting Boston on the metal map! We have shared the stage with great bands such as; Bang Camaro, Ice Nine Kills, Drives Like Carson, Signal The Escape, Vallon, and Phone Calls From Home


Boston's own Metal act Us Versus Them returns for Act 2 with their second album 'Unknown Futures' the follow-up to last year's debut 'We Will Expire'. A harder hitting, more cohesive and all around stronger effort with heightened production values, the 5-piece will be hitting the road this Summer.

The band had gone through some lineup changes and problems since early 2007 but has returned second half of '08 with the core trio (Matt/vocals, Rich/guitar, Vaz/lead guitar) and drummer Tim Lillis from Berklee College and once ex-uvter bassist John Malzone returns to the band.

Us Versus Them has recently shared the stage with big acts such as; Bang Camaro, Ice Nine Kills, Signal The Escape, Drives Like Carson, and Phone Calls From Home.


At The Edge of it All

Written By: Us Versus Them

Razing everything in sight / meant for a secret lost in time / lead them here / no one's asking why / CHORUS: Make way for the new utopia / blind them all to see the light / an end for everyone to say / something so beautiful / watch the sunrise / in the black of night / after the end has come / feel the empty streets / as we both walk on / - One hope / held inside machines / in a city / built for them to breathe / don't stop now / for a day after tomorrow / tomorrow x3 / At the edge of it all / at the risk of falling off / forever / at the edge of it all / so who's to blame / come face your fate / - /

No Place Like Home

Written By: Us Versus Them

This place is hollow / like the soul / of a killer / this place is lacking / all control / like a sinner yeah / It'll swallow you whole! / - It'll swallow you whole / He didn't know what to expect / but he found / bodies / lying / families / dying! / 'Well would you look at that? Dying all around, but you're safe at home and I'm safe at home smoking a butt, (fuck) / feel so helpless / I feel so, feel so ... / - /


We Will Expire (2007)
Unknown Futures (2008)

Set List

1. Lust For Love
2. Before We Go
3. At The Edge of it All
4. Talk Show
5. Lost His Head
6. Nuclear Football
7. Not Right
8. Unity Bombs
9. V is for Victory
10. We're All Just Immigrants
11. Left Behind
12. What's Next

Set list approx. 30-35min and can be adjusted to accomodate varying time constraints.