usvs got together in 2008, and we wrote and produced the forthcoming self titled EP ourselves, so we decided to do the rest of the production ourselves. so we made a limited run 400 with cd-artwork hand-made by one of the members of usvs. no physical album is identical. they are individually printed & numbered. there will only be 400 cds.


Self-Titled EP, released January 20, 2009
Several contributions on film shorts and public service announcements, etc.

Set List

Approximately 8-10 Song Sets, 40 minutes, choosing between these 20+ songs depending on what kind of set we feel is appropriate - either a romantic, ambient or a rocking set, we do either/or.

Song list-
At A Wedding, House In Order, Espionage, Ticker, A Sight So Clear (It Blinded Me), Firetrail, Sleep Soundly, Commuter, All Your Might, Hear Your Name, Coverage, Cut You Off, Palden, New Years Eve, Hope, Betting On The Wrong Horse, Parrotspeak, Activity Partners, Broken Robot, The Turn The River, Demons at Bay, Soft Power, with new songs always in works.