Raw, Dynamic, & Powerful. Well written songs with cathcy hooks delivered like an uppercut from Mike Tyson. This rock based band writes radio friendly songs that stick in your head. If you are looking for great original rock music that will make you beg for more, US vs THEM is your top choice!


US vs THEM is an all original band hailing from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. The band consists of members who are no strangers in the music scene. Lead singer and chief architect for the band and their songs, Jason Knorr, is the former front man for Seventh Hour, who made a major mark on the local music scene, and has shared the stage with bands such as: Ratt, Breaking Benjamin, Halestorm, The Bloodhound Gang, and Molly Hatchet to name a few. Tank has been playing in local bands for years and has many shows under his belt. His desire, skill, and personality is definitly the glue that holds this group so tightly together. Dave Raibeck is a newcomer to the music scene, but possesses the natural skills and talents that seasoned musicians search to acquire their entire career. With his older brother Tank as his mentor, Dave is the real deal! Their primary goal is to deliver well written, catchy, radio friendly rock music to the masses. The band formed in Mid 2006 and wrote for 10 months, then they took a break for a year to tend to personal obligations (Family, School). Now back together and with newest member Lou Ferrari added to the mix, 2008 is the year where US vs THEM will carve out it's name in the Music Scene. This is a professional, goal oriented group that is ready for anything...Are you ready?


US vs THEM has over 20 songs written and are still writing in preperation for their debut CD, due to be recorded in Mid 2008.

Set List

US vs THEM usually plays 90% - 100% original music. Once in a while the group will add a cover that the group "made their own" and they will deliver it in typical US vs THEM fashion. The group is capable of playing anywhere from 45 minutes to and hour and a half of songs that are polished like fine gems!