We attempt to write songs that encourage a unique way of thinking. We also try to break the barriers of playing only one style.


Each UTAH! member comes from their own individual musical background. Ryan is into jam bands such as "Phish". Josh primarily listens to "Ryan Adams" and "Wilco". Sam loves "Bob Marley" and "Sublime. Emma also likes "Wilco." Lastly, Chad enjoys "The Who" and "Zeppelin", and anything from the 60's and 70's.

The thing that sets UTAH! apart from all other bands is that we play our originals before we play covers. We have been playing together for about one year and we have only recently began to promote ourselves and really try to go out and get gigs.



Written By: Ryan Lilla

Sittin' in a van
I'm the drivin' man
got nothin' to do with the crime
Hear an alarm
guns ablazin'
shot a man and didn't get a dime

Alibi Alibi I don't need no Alibi
Alibi Alibi I don't need no Alibi

Flyin' down
main street
and cops are firin' down on me
Can't take the heat
pull down a side street
looks like we hit a dead end


Well the judge tells me
said can't you see
that killin' a man is a crime
well i told the judge
that he should know
i ain't going jail again no no


After trial
i went to jail
only to escape again that night
now i'm
i'm on the run
always lookin' back i can't trust no one


Lines, Vines and Waste

Written By: Ryan Lilla

through the lines
on the vines
you tell me
the time is near

is a waste
you tried paste
bring my chair
can hardly stand

One Eyed Jack

Written By: Josh Corcoran

Play in the puddles
watch the rain
forget all your troubles
forget all your pain
One eyed jack
is comin' to town
try to smile
hide away that frown
he'll come at you
with a sword or knife
if you resist
he'll take your life
he'll take you to
his pirate ship
he'll make you a pirate
he doesn't give a sh**
you'll live your life
the way that pirates do
you'll follow his orders
you will be his crew
you'll sail the seven seas
you'll fly your flag
plounder towns
with a pirates rage

you long for the day
you get a little sheet
the black spot
is a pirates defeat
you gather your things
and walk the plank
swim to shore
and give god your thanks
your glad your done
with one eyed jack
but once you go pirate
you never go back
you find that common life
up on the shore
seems to you
such a bore
so sit in the puddles
in the pouring rain
hoping you live
to see the day
that one eyed jack
comes back to town
you put on a smile
and shoot him down


We have an 8 song demo which we are sending to you.

Set List

We can play as many as 30 different cover songs, and 15 originals. Our typical cover repertoire consists of mostly classic rock. Our sets average a length of one to two hours. Here are some songs that we play:
Stayin' Alive-Bee Gees
Born on the Bayou-CCR
Can't Explain-The Who
Baba O'Rielly-The Who
Whole Lotta Love-Led Zeppelin
Immigrant Song-L Z
All Along the Watchtower-Hendrix style
Midnight Special-CCR
AC/DC Bag-Phish
Wolfman's Brother-Phish
You can't always get what you want-Rolling Stones
Sympathy for the Devil-Rolling Stones
Rain on the Scarecrow-John Mellencamp
Skinny Woman-North Mississippi Allstars
Freebird-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Rosalie-Ryan Adams
Up on Cripple Creek-The Band
Cinnamon Girl-Neil Young
Cowgirl in the Sand-Neil Young
Rockin' in the Free World-Neil Young
Cities-Talking Heads
Lively Up Yourself-Bob Marley
Last Dance With Mary Jane-Tom Petty
Brown Eyed Blues-Ben Harper
Excuse Me Mr.-Ben Harper