Athens, Georgia, USA

We are a loud two-piece that plays downtuned rocknroll with a metal and hardcore influence. Guitarist, Wil Smith, plays through 20x12'' and 2x15'' speakers powered by four amplifiers. Huge guitar tone armed with the machine gun like drumming of Larry Choskey is the essence of Utah.


Utah formed in 2009 in Athens, Ga and played our first show at local venue Tasty World in May of the same year. Since then we have played steadily in clubs throughout Athens and Atlanta. We have ventured as far as New London, Ct to play a show at local bar, The Spot. In November of 2009 we were invited to play the Guy Fawkes Fest in Wilmington, DE. Venue size does not matter as we will rock an arena and turn down for a local dive. We are booking gigs all over the south and east coast. We also planning several vinyl releases in spring 2010.


downloads @ www.myspace.com/utahrock

Set List

A normal set for us is 30 to 45 minutes