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Utah Ballroom Dance Company @ LaSelle Stewart Center - Oregon State University Campus

Eugene, Oregon, USA

Eugene, Oregon, USA

Utah Ballroom Dance Company @ Good Life Retirement Resort

Mesa, Arizona, USA

Mesa, Arizona, USA

Utah Ballroom Dance Company @ Rio Verde Country Club

Rio Verde, Arizona, USA

Rio Verde, Arizona, USA


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Watch out Dancing with the Stars, the Utah Ballroom Dance Company is coming to town with their award-winning showcase Simply Ballroom. Saturday March 19th at the Quail Creek Country Club in Green Valley, AZ, audiences will be treated to breath-taking lifts, hundreds of beautiful costumes, captivating theatrical story lines and a variety of ballroom dances that will captivate your heart.

Simply Ballroom features such dances as the elegant American foxtrot to Gene Kelly’s singing in the rain, the intense Spanish Paso Doble to the music from The Legend of Zorro, the majestic Austrian Waltz to the timeless Moon River and so much more. This 90 minute on-stage production has hundreds of beautiful costumes with both majestic and scintillating choreography from some of the top ballroom dancers in the world. Simply Ballroom is a show that everyone will love. James Palmer from Phoenix, AZ said “Simply Ballroom is unbelievably theatrical! I wholeheartedly recommend this show to everyone. It is dance theatre: comical and dramatic, sensual and lyrical, acrobatic and romantic, all in one show.”

The Utah Ballroom Dance Company is the United States National Formation Champions in both Latin American and Standard ballroom dancing. They have toured throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and Latin America receiving numerous accolades for their performances. The company maintains a touring program that typically reaches more than 75 cities across the United States and internationally. With more than 100 performances each year, this professional- level ensemble delights, entertains, and uplifts thousands worldwide.

Simply Ballroom will be performed at 7:00pm on Saturday March 19th in the Madera Clubhouse Crystal Ballroom at Quail Creek Country Club, 2055 E. Quail Creek Crossing Blvd, Green Valley, AZ. Tickets prices range from $20 - $25 according to seating. Tickets can be purchased at the Madera Clubhouse concierge desk or by telephone at 393-5822. For more information about Simply Ballroom please visit the Utah Ballroom Dance Company’s website at www.utahbdc.com.
- Press Release

(Columbus Convention Center, Columbus Ohio) Just three months ago, the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio hosted the 23rd annual U.S. National Collegiate Ballroom Dance Championships with record numbers. Thousands were in attendance to represent the Nation’s top 50 Collegiate Ballroom Dance Programs in an effort to bring home a national title. Some recognizable participants were, Arizona State, BYU-I, Claremont, Georgetown, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, NYU, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Rutgers, and many more.

Amongst these numerous and outstanding collegiate programs, the Utah Ballroom Dance Company (UBDC) came out victorious, winning the U.S. National Formation Championships in both Latin American Dance and Standard Ballroom Dance categories. The UBDC’s team entered one dance medley in each category. In the Latin Division they danced to a montage of popular Michael Jackson music that featured such dances as the Cuban Cha Cha, Brazilian Samba, African Rhumba, Spanish Paso Doble and the American Jive, all combined into a six minute competitive formation routine. This high intensity routine had the audience clapping to the music, cheering at the formation highlights and ended with a standing ovation, the only standing ovation of the championships.

Equally as impressive was the Utah Ballroom Dance Company’s Standard Ballroom entry featuring music from the motion picture Evita. Dances included the American Foxtrot, the Viennese Waltz, the English Quickstep, Argentine Tango, and the European Waltz. Entitled “Argentina”, UBDC’s team showcased the women in beautiful red and black dresses and the men in regal white and black tuxedos. The UBDC’s team moved elegantly and majestically in unison as they demonstrated their outstanding skill level in each dance.

Once each team had presented their routine they all stood around the dance floor awaiting with anticipation the judges’ results. With unanimous judges consent, the Utah Ballroom Dance Company took home top honors and two national titles as the current U.S. National Collegiate Ballroom Dance Formation Champions in both Latin American and Standard Ballroom.

The nation’s newest ballroom dance champions have returned home to St. George, Utah, both exhausted and ecstatic, and will continue to travel and represent their title in competition and performance throughout the U.S. For more information regarding the Utah Ballroom Dance Company and their upcoming performances and competitions visit Utahbdc.com or call 801-717-8276. - Press Releae


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The Utah Ballroom Dance Company is Utah's premier professional ballroom dance performing company. They are the 2009 - 2010 US Champions in formation ballroom dancing and have a touring program that reaches more the 75 cities across the US and Internationally. This professional ensembles uplifts, delights and entertains thousands worldwide.

The Utah Ballroom Dance Company currently performs two separate shows, 1) Simply Ballroom and 2) Dancing with (your community) Stars.

1) Simply Ballroom is a 100 minute theatrical showcase featuring breath-taking lifts, hundreds of beautiful costumes, and a variety of ballroom dances including the exciting latin Samba of Brazil, the majestic Slow Waltz of Austria, the rhythmical Cha Cha from Cuba, the intense Spanish Paso Doble, and many more.

2) Dancing with (your community) Stars is 100 minute production Similar to Dancing with the Stars. We pair up several of your staff, volunteers, or directors with our dancers to learn a dance over one week. We costume you, add in some video highlights and put on a show where the audience, your patrons, vote for who wins in the end. It is so much fun and your patrons will have the time of their lives.

The Utah Ballroom Dance Company has toured throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and Latin America receiving numerous accolades for their performances. Under the direction of multi-award-winning ballroom dance director Marlayna Sheeran, the Utah Ballroom Dance Company is one of Utah’s premier performing groups.