Utah Ballroom Dance Company

Utah Ballroom Dance Company


The UBDC features a theatrical showcase comprised of numerous ballroom dances ranging from the classical foxtrot and viennese waltz to the exciting salsa and american swing. Our audiences are treated to breath-taking lifts, hundreds of beautiful costumes and exciting high level ballroom dancing.


The Utah Ballroom Dance Company is Utah's premier professional ballroom dance performing company. They are the 2009 - 2010 US Champions in formation ballroom dancing and have a touring program that reaches more the 75 cities across the US and Internationally. This professional ensembles uplifts, delights and entertains thousands worldwide.

The Utah Ballroom Dance Company currently performs two separate shows, 1) Simply Ballroom and 2) Dancing with (your community) Stars.

1) Simply Ballroom is a 100 minute theatrical showcase featuring breath-taking lifts, hundreds of beautiful costumes, and a variety of ballroom dances including the exciting latin Samba of Brazil, the majestic Slow Waltz of Austria, the rhythmical Cha Cha from Cuba, the intense Spanish Paso Doble, and many more.

2) Dancing with (your community) Stars is 100 minute production Similar to Dancing with the Stars. We pair up several of your staff, volunteers, or directors with our dancers to learn a dance over one week. We costume you, add in some video highlights and put on a show where the audience, your patrons, vote for who wins in the end. It is so much fun and your patrons will have the time of their lives.

The Utah Ballroom Dance Company has toured throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and Latin America receiving numerous accolades for their performances. Under the direction of multi-award-winning ballroom dance director Marlayna Sheeran, the Utah Ballroom Dance Company is one of Utah’s premier performing groups.

Set List

1) That's Entertainment - Judy Garland (Opener)
2) It had to be you - Frank Sinatra (Foxtrot)
3) La Pasion - Various (Tango)
4) Tied to the Tracks - Unknown (Charleston)
5) Winters Night - Sarah Mclachlin (Theatre Arts)
6) Swingin at the Savoy - Various (Swing)
7) Lola - Unknown (Samba)
8) A Dream is a Wish - Danny Bedingfield (Quickstep)
9) Zorro - Legend of Zorro (Paso Doble)
10) Argentina - Evita Soundtrack (Medley)
11) Die Another Day - Madonna (Cha Cha)
12) Waltz of the Flowers - Michal Nyman (Viennese Waltz)
13) Imagine - Eva Cassidy (Rumba)
14) Hot Stuff - Donna Summer (Hustle)
15) Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly (Foxtrot)
16) Too Sexy - Right said Fred (Cha Cha)
17) First Snowfall - Unknown (Waltz)
18) Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson (Medley)
19) Show Business - Ethel Merman (Finale)