Our music is a combination of all of our members unique interests in music. We attempt to keep our music open to all genres. We draw alot of inspiration from classic rock.


Utah! has gone through enough changes through its lifetime than we ever would have liked to. Our name changes occur almost bi-weekly, we have had countless names such as; Urban Retro, Freebush, Subtle Warning, Midnight Sun, and recently we have decided to stay with UTAH! A lot of what our music draws from would have to be classic rock, though we all have personal influences. We rely heavily on original material, and in doing this it sets apart from most local bands. Another unique aspect about UTAH! is our age, we range from 17-19.


Rain on the Tin Roof

Written By: Josh Corcoran

Walkin' down to the devils town
I saw a man he was wearin' a frown
Hey son now why you here
Killed my wife of about a year

Rain on the tin roof
Rain on the tin roof

I can remedy that my friend
Good luck now to you I send
Dig her up out of the ground
Take her down to the devils town

Rain on the tin roof
Rain on the tin roof

Remember that you are dust
and to dust you shall return
when your pushin' up daisies
in hells fire you will burn

Rain on the tin roof
Rain on the tin roof

Tomorrow is judgement day
On that day the devil pays
Ride in on the hounds of hell
Throw him down into the well

Rain on the tin roof
Rain on the tin roof

In the well the devil drowned
Hell turned upside down
Night turned into day
All the lost souls found their way

Rain on the tin roof
Rain on the tin roof

Bleau Cheese

Written By: Ryan Lilla

Tin can candy butterfly toothpick that sly beagle stole my walkin' stick pepperoni trailer trash motorcycle road rash rats eatin' good cash cold cigarette ash

Dried out sock sweat on his forehead chunky mild spilt in the poridge, tacks taste good with out brown rice, stick that needle in my third eye

Slice his knees like chedder cheese aspestice pariticles make me wheez can't stop a rabbit with out a light saber quit my job as assistant lion tamer

Bison roam freely through our streets careful you don't trip on your feet, I'm knee deep in some sewage better clean it off 'fore my shirt gets ruined

Lines, Vines & Waste

Written By: Ryan Lilla

Through the lines
On the vines
You tell me
The time is near

Is a waste
You tried paste
Bring my chair
Can hardly stand


We have an 8 track demo out right now of a few orignals, and in the Spring/Summer we are going into the studio to record a full length disc.

Set List

Our typical set list has around 10-15 originals and as many covers as needed. Examples of bands we cover are as follows: The Band, The Rolling Stones, Phish, Bob Dylan, Wilco, Jimmy Buffet, CCR, Tom Petty, Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Jefferson Airplane, Johnny Cash, Ryan Adams, Elvis, Ween, The Who, John Mellencamp, John Denver, The BeeGees, Talking Heads, etc....