Utah Slim

Utah Slim

 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Rex Seabury a.k.a. Utah Slim
(801) 649-5097 utahslim11@gmail.com


Utah Slim sings about the beauty and wonder of our Colorado Plateau, the folks who live there and the struggle for its future. He sings about justice and love too. His drop-D picking and musical ability add style and depth to his songs. On Water Wheel tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 & 10 are recorded live - just Slim and his guitar.

He covers Chuck Pyle, Chris Smither, Ian Tyson & Johnny Cash.

DJ'S and Booking Agents please check out Wheel of Water, Standing Rock and Bears Ears.

Water Wheel, his new CD is available now.

The songs This Rock Must Roll and Bears Ears won at The Walnut Valley New Song Competition

(Winfield) in 2015 & 2018 respectively.

Liner Notes

1. Wheel of Water Arranged by Utah Slim & Anke Summerhill

2. Bears Ears Vocals - Otter Creek (i.e. Peter and Mary Danzig) and The Three Muses (i.e. Elisa, Kjersten & Lucy Danzig)

3. Standing Rock Written by Peter and Mary Danzig

4. This Rock Must Roll Fiddle - Kate McCloud Vocals Jen Hajj

9. Porter Do a Driveby Fiddle Kate McCloud Vocals Jen Hajj

10. Water Wheel Arranged with Peter and Mary Danzig

Songs 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 & 10 were recorded and produced at Catbox Studios / Osprey Productions.

Paul Boruff as Producer & Arranger call or text (801) 870-2002.


Charly and Evadine

Written By: Rex Seabury

Down Pariah burned a ghost town,
It was their getaway.
Sometimes they'd make a little love song
Who cared what anyone said.

Damned if Charly doesn't have a smile for just about everyone,
And Evadine's got that devilish grin and a sense of wonderment.
Sometimes it would take her away, don't Charly love that girl.
And they raised one fine family in old Tropic town.


On the north side of Tropic Town a house got sawed in half,
Seems as though one brother had to get the other one back
Standin' like a monument still there for all I know
I hope they keep puttin' off the day it's got to go.


Tropic that's a relative term at 7,000 feet.
It's the only town for 50 miles you can raise an apple tree.
Travelin' Southern Utah it's best that you should know
If you got an ear for western stories it's the old folks time to go.

Second Chorus

Down Pariah there's a love song
You can hear it in the wind.
Charly and Evadine laughing
Hope I get to see them again.

Repeat verse 1 and second chorus.

Grandma's House

Written By: Rex Seabury

I returned to Grandma's house for a little while.
I came back to watch over my godfather's demise.
He went hard and silent like my family men do
I come again to understand how quickly life can move.

I gather all these vegetables where grandma once did.
The dirt is rich and gives up life like the one she led.
Her heart was in the kitchen, her smile and her concern,
Grandma, I now understand I've got somewhere else to turn.

There is a death written in this house of a hopeful child.
It damn near killed my grandpa I don't recall his smile.
Don't it go some families pain tends to bleed through time,
I'm older now, I understand what's their's and what's mine.

My son, he's got two young ones, a fiercesome delight,
I'm lookin' at their faces and what might be their life.
That kind of wonderin' is dangerous and it can make you weep
I hope they come to understand this grandpa is theirs for keeps.

This house is now quiet and empty of all family stuff,
And soon to be of my breathing and old family thoughts.
I came to help for what it's worth, I got somethin' true
Family seldom understands nor should you need 'em to.

This Rock Must Roll

Written By: Rex Seabury

As per instructions no lyrics are included.

Charlie and Evadine

Written By: Rex Seabury

No lyrics as per instructions.

Set List

Slim performs a set of original songs and covers (primarily Western and Folk including songs by Ian Tyson, Bob Dylan).