A pop punk bank full of energy and differents styles of music to through into a mix.


We have a wide variety of infuences. Kenny brings sounds of old school punk, Joffy(Chris) brings a mix of reggae, funk, and blues. Pat brings a Jonny Cash feel to the music with a twist of irish sound. Gary brings a mess of jazz, blues, celtic, and metal sounds. When mixed together we can come up with anything at any point in time. UTC is also full of stage energy and enjoys nothing more than playing in front of fans and new comers.


Radio, Quite OK, A.D.D., Creator, Instruments on the Shelf, Run, Nomad, Eleven, Sways, Insignificant, and Stand Straight covers most of our main songs.

Set List

We do not do covers but our set list can cover anywhere from 15 min. to 2 hrs. We can mix and match songs to fit times. We also have shortened and longer versions of certain songs.