Good old rock and roll with alot of power..


The band Út exit was found in late 2004 and has been working with pauses since then. The band is ready with an 9 piece record and is planing on releasing it late this summer. The band combindes of 5 guys that grew up together on the south coast of Iceland and most of their influences come from the music what they grew up listening to such as r.a.t.m, In flames, pantera, mínus and some metal stuff along with the hardcore scene in Iceland, Gavin Portland, I adapt...... The band plays rock music in the spirit of these bands, but is known for theyr own style.


The song ''save me'' was realesed in the summer of 2007 and was played on the biggest radiostation in Iceland, Radio X. The song also we know was played in the US, there was a radiostation in California that showed the band great intrest.

Set List

The set list combines of 6-7 song which gives us about an half an hour on stage. But the band is ready to play at least 15 songs. Our typical set list is 6 songs,
Adicktive 99,
king of arms,
count to ten,
save me,
one horse town &
old times.