A collective of musicians from North-Central Ohio, the members of Utham (pronounced "YOU-thum") have been writing songs and performing music together for nearly two decades. From their earliest incarnation as a post -punk/alternative bar band in the mid eighties to their time spent in the "Age of Rage" as Fiendish Thingy, the members of Utham have yet to reach their creative peak. Today, Utham focuses on music for multimedia as well as crafting both radio- friendly and avant-garde rock.

Whether crafting contemporary pop songs, teasing you with bits of electronica or blistering your ears with cries of outrage, Utham are today's every-man.

Utham have created a mix of :

social-political rebel songs (8 O'Clock Rush, Struggle, Not your America, Catastrophic, All This Falls )

esoteric mystical meanderings (Sanskrit, Cutting Glass, Right as Rain )

love/relationship stories (Choices, Mistakes & Promises, In Our House, I Want ).

film/tv electronica (MHz, 1248, Boaz, So Mote It Be )

Visit Utham at www.utham.com


8 O'Clock Rush

Written By: Matthew Boggs

8 o'clock rush
Performed by Utham
Matthew Boggs copyright 2005

jesus christ suv
gas guzzling sucker
with your jesus fish sticker

cellphone ear tumor
lipstick sinister
late for your coffee play date sister ?

yours is an ugly god
loves to make war
and corporate whores ah....

trance induction
cluster fuck-tion
nascar lovin'
bible thumpin'
join the club my friend

learn the words and gestures
wear your hair the right way
say the holy catch phrase - amen

yours is a hateful god
spewing out lies
the innocent die

for the 8 o'clock rush

Struggle (We come, We live, We go )

Written By: Matthew Boggs

Copyright 2005
Author - Matthew Boggs
Performed by Utham

I drove like hell,
You put the radio on
I finally found
That exit ramp
Dodging freaks and geeks
Pulling into a slot
I saw the big tent
Jutting up from the ground

= chorus =========
We come, we live, we go
Born naked
We struggle like the worms
Are forced to rush

We come, we live, we go
Born naked
We struggle like the worm
Returns to the dust

Absinthe green suit,
On a thin french man
Acrobats and hanging wires
Hung from rooftop hooks
Tightrope walker ,
Mimics life above the crowd
Just like rain catches light
As it falls to the ground

------------- middle 8 -----------------
It's times like these that you'll Remember when you're old
I hope i can be there when you do
We had a real good time
The lights and the wine
You laughed and laughed
As if nothing was real

Kathy Sunshine

Written By: Matthew Boggs

Kathy Sunshine
copyright 2006
M Boggs
Performed by Utham
It'll be alright
and always will
The earth moves
but the heavens stay still
and Everything is what you make it
looking for a sign

smoking miss kathy sunshine

Come sit by me
my boy my girl
We watch each other
and always will
dont lie to yourselves or ever fake it
come in from outside

smoking miss kathy sunshine

The ocean spray
is lighthouse grey
the cyclone twists
but the earth stays still
and all events as they ought to be
celebrate free will

smoking miss kathy sunshine


We have several tracks that have been included in podcasts on:


Set List

We have nearly twenty originals that we can select from to play live. Our cover songs include tunes from these artists: Echo & The Bunnymen, Camper Van Beethoven, The Jam, The Beatles and others.