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Bolton, Ontario, Canada | SELF | AFM

Bolton, Ontario, Canada | SELF | AFM
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"New Music Canada"

foo fighters.. you'll like:

Fusing an intense punk, hard rock, and metal sound- styles each of the members are quite familiar with- all of these tracks come out sounding like gangbusters! Keep your eye on these guys
- Mary-Anne Korosi

"Exclaim Magazine STPM Review"

What initially comes across like a case of identity crisis with Sinister Trailer Park eventually reveals itself to be a most cunning trick played on the listener. Kicking the album off with moderately emotive and muscially sparse track " Borderline" the band quickly become a swirling vortex of riffs and power in line with NoMeansNos most impressive output.Dynamic to the point of jarring,each song is a melting pot of genres,blending metallic verses with emo choruses,mathematical jazz- core bridges and the occassional hardcore chant. Still despite the fact that most bands have tried to accomplish this and failed miserably,Sinister Trailerpark perform it with such grace and patience that almost all of the dozen tracks on Magic are enjoyable for their own reason,be it obtuseness,driving rhythms or inventive melodic atmosphere.One does get the impression though that this would be a far more explosive and stunning experience live, but at least they have managed to document it with flair to prepare the listener for that onslaught. - Keith Carman


If their name doesn't pique your interest, this album is guaranteed to. I can honestly say Canada's Sinister Trailerpark Magic is the most diverse album I own and an eclectic masterpiece no one should be without. Called 'rock n' ruin', it is an unusually smooth blend of heavy metal, punk, progressive, skater, psychedelic, alternative, and classic rock, seeming without structure and it is very experimental. Though their music can sound almost too similar to many, Sinister Trailerpark Magic still have their own brand of unflinching distinction apparent in every song.

Pancake Porterhouse sings with more gusto than most of the other bands I listen to regularly. He also leads guitar and the guitars are excellent. The bass, always important in my book, played by Traxyl Burns also stands out. Appropriately named Rhythmatic Fever, is on drums and his style reminds me of Jean Paul Gaster (Clutch). Their use of background vocals is like a fifth instrument and is unmatched (think of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" only much better and without the circus feel). Sinister Trailerpark Magic's four seasoned musicians all have their own kickass style. Together they flawlessly extend across musical genres and boundaries where no band has gone before. I wouldn't be surprised if they became the next Beatles or Pink Floyd of the new millennium.

On Sinister Trailerpark Magic, most songs are around five minutes which is just right. Not too long, not a tease. It flows so well there is no getting bored. The songs all hold your interest and eventually make you stop and really listen. The only way to attempt to describe the band's musical characteristics is to compare them to The Beatles (especially after they matured and went experimental) or Pink Floyd who can leave unsuspecting listeners standing there with their jaw dropped.

It was not challenging to pick out some of their influences. I heard snippets of Dillinger Escape Plan and The Toadies among many others. Opening track, "Borderline" reminds me very much of Nirvana but only for the first half. The second half is style I can't compare and is all their own. As is the case with any of the twelve tracks. "Laylow" sounds a bit like Audioslave. "Our Child's Eyes" sounds like how Creedence might sound if they were still making albums today with a little 80's pop thrown in. "The Harper Dance" makes me want to skateboard. My favorites have to be "No Way Out"; the gem of the album and "Take Your Opinion" the heaviest track. There were pieces of every song that demanded my attention such as the intense second half of "When I Was Your Age" or "The Dead Night Sky" for it's meaty vocals.

Even comparing parts of their sound to other bands still doesn't do them justice. It would be too easy for talent like this to get sucked violently into the mainstream. You must hear for yourself and unless you listen to hardcore/black metal only, you should be left "Awe waiting" like me. All things considered, Sinister Trailerpark Magic is the best new band I happened upon in 2007

"UK Music News"

Sinister TrailerPark Magic Self Titled Release

Sinister Trailerpark Magic are a clever bunch. After reading through the many, many reviews that came with the demo I sincerely started doubting the sanity of many of the reviewers. 'A melting pot of genres' read one, 'Something new and extremely exciting!' read another. I had just started playing the CD and with track one Borderline sounding like an almost complete rip –off of grunge legends Nirvana – to the point where I was considering believing the conspiracy theories that Cobain was in fact alive and well – I wondered whether I was playing the wrong demo. But as track one gave way to track two The Harper Dance and the Nirvana influences gave way to remnants of Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro, with a strange death metal section thrown in for good measure it becomes clear my fellow reviews were right. This album takes influence from almost every sub-genre of the last forty years, although all roads eventually lead back to a rock/metal sound with insanely frantic guitars and chaotic drums. STPM have managed to combine so many influences they have become masked in a whole new sound. And by doing they’re covered all bases when it comes to guitar band fans.

A brilliant debut, although it sometimes becomes a bit comical when the death metal bits kick in.
- Christine Toner

"Audio Blood Magazine"

Sinister TrailerPark Magic
Sinister TrailerPark Magic
By: Sari Delmar
What do you get when you shove four thoroughly experienced musicians together with nothing but a clean slate to start creating? Well if they really are as experienced as their resumes ensure, you get something that sounds like Sinister TrailerPark Magic, aggressive rock, punk-tinted and frantic, i.e something new and extremely exciting!

They may not be as ambiguous as their bio claims, one can trace the grunge-y moments in “Borderline” back to Nirvana’s roots, their fierce balls-to-the-wall power chording attacks on “I Be Our Wab” will get Bad Religion or Against Me! fans kickin, but all around they toss at us 12 extremely diverse songs, that are probably even more potent live than they are laying here on this disc (where indeed, they are rather potent), that will undoubtedly impress the masses. There’s something for every fan on here. While they incorporate the likes of chaotic drum barraging with heart shaking vocal melodies (“Pieces of Four” ) or while they break out intimidating soloing that will send heads spinning (“I Be Our Wab”), they do it without skipping a beat and fully emerge themselves into each genre they bust into, not just dilly dallying and tingeing each song, these guys are extreme masters of genre-fucking, and they tackle each new musical alley with a vengeance.

“Laylow” sounds like a lost track from Thrice’s Vheissu and the lyrics really stun with their simplistic imagery and antsy banter. This slow ballad-like track further proves the band’s angular ways at approaching music. They may never run out of ideas, and it’s bands like this that keep our ears to the ground. Their ability to constantly recreate and experiment within a genre that so many bands find themselves trapped within, will not go unnoticed… well at least not here on Audio Blood, where we worship such creativity.

- Sari Delmar

"WGTS Magazine"

Genre Collision

Sinister Trailer Park Magic – Self Titled
By: Joshua Suppan

Spinerazor Records, 2006
Produced by: Sinister Trailer Park Magic

1. Borderline
2. The Harper Dance
3. When I was your age
4. Laylow
5. Take your opinion
6. Own alone
7. Believe me
8. Piece's of for
9. Our child's eyes
10. I be our wab
11. No way out
12. The dead night sky

Alice in Chains. No Means No. The Beatles. Corrosion of Conformity. And a pinch of Mike Patton. These are just some of the music layers/influences I can pick out when listening to the first (of hopefully many) releases by the recently formed Sinister Trailer Park Magic, and the album bearing the same name.

From the moment I heard this band I was absolutely hooked, perhaps it's the massive variety in not just each song on its own, but the entire album. The complete insanity on certain tracks such as (When I was your age) varying from relaxed stoner atmosphere, to a zany chaotic circus with no exit, into a southern metal punch in the face which screams for everyone to go nuts and smash things with them, then finalizing with a moment of relaxation.

This band has created something that everyone will enjoy, even grandma (see Track 4). Also, they did not forget about all you fiends for something political, they have a few tracks in there, which have some abstract but good metaphorical commentary floating around. Included inside this disc is some of the best vocal work out of Ontario in a long time, very epic, with constant shifts in styles. Each song is guaranteed to have at least 3 separate vocal styles while most have many more (The Harper Dance).

The booklet itself doesn't do much for me, it has the lyrics, some quick thank you's, and an assurance statement of no foul plays or interference during recording. The logo is hard to read at first forcing you in for a closer look revealing a very intricate logo. Pick it up, it's going to be hard to find unless you see them in concert, and when you do see them go buy one (or 20). - Joshua Suppan


1996 Jerrycan (self titled tape cassette)
1998 Yo Angela
2000 Crutches You Lean On
2001 Hate Everything Its Easier (SOL compilation)
2002 Progess
2002 Jerrycan Live
2004 Jerrycan Rewire ( A collection of remixed songs)
2005 Day The World Died (Jerrycan)
2006 Uh Is Not An Answer Music Video Release
2007 Sinister Trailerpark Magic (Self Titled)
2008 "Very Ape" mastered by George Graves(U2,Rush) for "Heart Shaped Box" , a Nivana tribute compilation put out by Reality Entertainment,
2009 Were Goin Alone Now (three song (U) demo)
2013 We Are (U)



BIO: (top 25 influential bands we opened for in farious shows and festivals over the years include: Black Sabboth (Heaven And Hell), Alice Cooper, Rage Against The Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, Propagandhi, Hank Williams the third, Finger 11, Sum 41, Tub Ring, Billy Talent(Pezz), Misfits, Raised Fist, D.O.A, Satanic Surfers, Strung Out, Fallout Boy, The Reason, Sub Humans, 59 times the pain, Pavers, Belvedere, Reset(Simple plan), Ripcordz..
(U) is a band from Guelph Ontario that consists of three brothers, Jeremy, Toby, and Rufus Cavan and 1 friend, Tavis Baird.They have been playing together now for over fifteen years and about 1000 shows across Canada, The States and Europe. After highschool they bought a van for $1000, threw a P.A. and the gear in it a started touring for the first band Jerrycan. Jerrycan released five studio albums and a variety of compilations threw their own indie label SOL Politics records. Three thousand copies of each album were sold at various shows and small indie distribution deals. They sold each album to pay for the next until internet downloading took over.Jerrycan is still a popular download even today. After ten years of punk rock they decided to do a side project named Sinister Trailer Park Magic and signed on with a label that took two years to release the record and then went out of buissness due to dropping record sales around the world. (go figure) Even though they were tired and frustrated at the industry the bands love for the music keeps them rocking shows to this day. The band changed the name to (U) and has been in the studio for three years refining over seventy five new songs, twelve of which have been recorded three seperate times to insure they are original and diverse. The new album will be out spring of 2014 and the band is ready to go. Top 5 bands (U) listens to and always wanted to play with that are still rocking) include: Foo Fighters, No Means No, Bad Religion, The Melvins, Lagwagon, .