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The best kept secret in music


"Top 10 Unsigned Bands to Watch in 2006"

THEIR SOUND: Panic! At The Disco may be Las Vegas' most visible rock export, but this four-year-old power-pop powerhouse, whose tunes bring to mind Green Day storming a Cheap Trick gig, aren't far behind. "We like to call ourselves 'death pop,'" says The UTMoST's bassist, Sprinkle. "We deliver pop hooks with punk-rock energy, and then throw in some tasteful death-metal growls for good measure. Wait - did I just call death-metal growls 'tasteful?' Anyway, there are too many bands out there just standing on a stage and boring the piss out of me. Where's the pyro? Where's the crowd participation? Where's the goddamn rock show? We're bringing all that back, and we're doing it for the kids."

THEIR SCENE: "From a fan-support standpoint, Vegtas is a great frickin' city," says Sprinkle. "However, in Vegas, vice rules: The amount of money a businessman can make from running an all-ages venue pales in comparison to what he can make in an alcohol-and-gaming establishment, so you see a lot of venues open and then close down pretty quickly." Adds drummer DJ Corky Gainsford, "At one point, we were renting out an old community theater to pu on our own shows. Recently, though, some great new venues - like The Alley, The Rock n' Java, and the Clubhouse - have started to create an all-ages scene here."

THEIR PLANS: Says Gainsford, "As 2006 progresses, we're looking to take The UTMoST out on the road even more; definitely doing tours throughout the West Coast and Southwest, and possibly doing an East Coast tour during spring break to see the fans we've made out there." Though he shares his bandmates' enthusiasm, singer/guitarist Donato Faoro has simpler needs for the New Year: "My goal is to fit into my swim trunks from high school," he says. "I guess I could do that on the road." - Alternative Press Magazine

"CD Review"

"The UTMoST has managed to produce a disc of major-label quality."
- Aaron Archer - Las Vegas City Life

"CD Review"

"Hey, a local pop-punk band that actually knows the meaning of 'pop'! The greatest compliment: contains a cover of the Beatles' 'Paperback Writer' that doesn't sound at all out of place."
- Josh Bell - Las Vegas Weekly

"Online CD Review"

"Haven't heard of The UTMoST yet? You will... Jump on The UTMoST bandwagon while there is still room."
- Dee Jay - Popbang Radio /

"Good vibrations"

"The UTMoST write short, melody-driven anthems, satisfying listeners in a the way only fun, positive pop-punk can. The band possesses a remarkably tight, catchy sound that can hold its own with any national pop-punk act."
- Ted Sablay - Las Vegas Weekly


"Great American Death Pop" LP - released June 2006
Track "I'll Write You" received spins on Xtreme 107.5, Las Vegas, NV
Track "Switching Sides" received spins on Mix 94.1, Las Vegas, NV

"Best of the SoCal Music Awards" Compilation CD - released Nov 2005
Track "Switching Sides" featured as the lead-off track on this 2-CD compilation

"The UTMoST" LP - released July 2003
Track "She Was My Girlfriend" received spins on KOMP 92.3 and Xtreme 107.5, Las Vegas, NV
Track "Go Home" received spins on XM Radio Unsigned and KOMP 92.3


Feeling a bit camera shy


A long time ago there were many people. Then as time went on this number began to grow. Soon enough the number of people became too large and something needed to be done. The Almighty Lord decided to create a band with the sole purpose of destroying all inferior bands.

Since 666 BC, The UTMoST has been slaughtering bands big and small in order to control the world's growing population. "There are starving people in China"...time for The UTMoST to kick some ass. "My mom has to work three jobs to support me"...that's UTMoST time brother.

So be very aware, and watch your backside. The UTMoST are coming to a town near you...via the internet. Via song streaming. Via vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Viva Las Vegas!

- Selected as one of the Top 10 Unsigned Bands to Watch in 2006 by Alternative Press Magazine.
- Voted the "2nd Best Band in Las Vegas" in 2005 by the readers of Las Vegas City Life (losing only to The Killers...)
- A fan base of over 20,000 online music fans through
- Nomiated as "Best Indie Band" 2005 at the SoCal Music Awards
- Chosen by Coca-Cola and CMJ Magazine as one of the Top 50 unsigned bands in the USA