Musical conversation piece.


Life like music is an ever-evolving process. Love, hate, politics, anger, frustration, understanding, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness of self and others is a balancing act. Music can be a means of inspiration and communication thru instrumentation and voice with a profound message or a simple statement. With this understanding, is the point of artistry to be popular or to be true to the passion and commitment of one’s muse?
For an artist to remain true to the power of their artistic expression, it must be presented as such. No gimmicks, open, and trustworthy.


Goddess of Love

Written By: Uumoiya

Verse 1

I’m not ashamed to tell you girl that you are beautiful.
So divine in everyway, I know life is a handful.
You give birth to the world. That’s a power divine.
I can’t think of you any less, my beautiful goddess of mine.


I really want to be your man. sexy, sexy.
The man that you say you need, goddess, goddess.
Ain’t no money in the world. sexy, sexy.
Can take your love away from me. goddess, goddess.
Anytime you need a friend. sexy, sexy.
You can always count on me. goddess, goddess.
This feeling’s more than physical. sexy, sexy.
I’ll be your king you’ll be my queen. goddess, goddess.

Verse 2

I’m a man and I have my desires. Sometimes selfish indeed. (Yes I can be.)
But I know the way that it is. I’ll give you the space that you need. (Any time girl.)
I’ll take the time to understand you and the way that you feel. (That you feel)
I’ll put my pride aside and give you the time to see (just to see) that our love is real.
And that’s the way I feel.




Verse 3

My goddess in Africa, My goddess in Europe.
My goddess in Asia, north and south America.
Goddess in the middle east, Goddess in India.
Goddess in Alaska, Down south to Australia.


Written by Uumoiya Glass



Debut album - Ether
Second Release - Equilibrium

Set List

Typical Set List...
5-8 songs. - 30 -45 minute

1. Nirvana Intro
2. Good Vibration
3. Goddess of Love
4. Fly Away
5. Are You Ready?
6. Had Enough
7. Thinkin'
8. Nirvana (Outro)