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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w09P_ht9_Y - Ateam Entertainment

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA7UsM90K-g - Ateam Entertainment

This is one of my all time favorite CD's, in my top 10-15 rap albums of the 700 or so I own. Lake is on 5 of the 14 songs. Only one song on here is skippable but it's still ok. Has a good number of classic songs (about 4 of them) and some great songs and the rest are good. Feautures the Queensbridge rappers that everyone should know and love as well as some tight beats - real hardcore gangsta rap - not no watered down candy @$$ commercial hip-POP that pollutes the airwaves. Production is handled by Havoc, A Dog, Goodie Goodman, and UNo Dos (all do 1 song), Killah Shah does 2, and Artillery and ALCHemist aboth do 4 songs. A must have album for any rap fan - you WILL NOT BE DISAPPONTED!!!

#2 - 9.5 (Havoc, Nature, Littles, The Jackal -- tight beat)
#4 - 6 (Lake - my least favorite on here)
#5 - 10 (classic by Big Noyd & A. Dog -- greatt beat)
#6 - 10 (classic by: Killah Shah -- great beat)
#7 - 9 (Germ & Artillery -- nice beat)
#8 - 8 (Bars, Hooks, Don Alon, Chinky)
#10 - 9.5 (Nas, Lake & V-12 -- nice beat)
#12 - 8.5 (Littles, Wiz, Blitz (pop), Germ, Jungle, Faul Monday, Lake, Prodigy)
#13 - 9.5 (Mr. Challish, Faul Monday, Killah Shah --- nice beat)
#15 - 10 (classic by: Craig G f/ Voice -- tight beat)
#16 - 10 (classic by: Cormega, Noreaga, Capone, Lake -- tight beat)
#17 - 9 (Prodigy, tragedy Khadafi, Ammo)
#18 - 9.5 (Blitz (Pop) & Lake - a story about 2 different perspectives - great song)
#20 - 8 (Bigga Du, Fly Tye, Hooks, Don Alon) - G$Z-wad"

(I-Newswire) - Just to name a few performing acts come see Headrush Napoleon who was featured on Tragedy Khadafi’s “Against All Odds” album with JA Rule. Marcy Projects representative Geda K, who was signed to Memphis Bleek’s Get Low. Law & Order who was signed by the Outlawz and put out the album “Ground Zero” and Mike Millz who been put it down on the mix tape scene. Jerms Black who has a blazing song out now with the Nappy Roots, Brooklyn Hooks who has the Brooklyn streets on fire and underground journeyman Ike Dirty and The Unusual Suspects. An R&B guest performance by NBA player Ron Artest’s Tru Warier label artist V12 and also a special R&B performance by J Richardson ( star of the critically acclaimed movie “Anne B. Real” ). http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0315775/
This concert will be hosted by Rap Fanatic Magazine and J-Hatch ( promoter of the year at the underground music awards ). Every one of these acts is what the games been missing, are hungry to show the industry why it’s there time to eat and are the true diamonds in the rough. This is all being put together by actor Ephraim Benton a.k.a Fetti who been putting his work in for years on the acting tip. Don’t believe then google the name and see what comes up!!! Expect a lot of industry executives and special guest appearances! - www.News wire.com


Black Voices
What's it take to field an NBA team? Two guards, two forwards a center and apparently an A&R guy. Like moths with baggy pants drawn to the hip-hop flame, yet another NBA baller is trying to get into the rap game. Jason Terry, guard for the Dallas Mavericks announced that he's launching a new rap label called Tha Reason Records. The label signed Arizona hip-hop crew, West Koastra Nostra which features former gang members Gangsta Nutt, Rob Rollie, Blue the Vet and Terry's brother, Dirty O.

The Player's Life

BV Sports Image: Ron ArtestZUMA

Ron Artest has one disadvantage in the rap game he'll never be able to overcome -- no Gangsta Nutt.

* Married Life Keeps Tiger Roaring
* Broken Heart for Brandy

Back to BV Sports
"There's a prevailing stereotype of athletes crossing over into the music industry and failing," Terry told VIBE.com. "We are going to succeed, because I am very hands on with all of my projects. I executive produced 90 percent of the [West Koasta Nostra] album and will be overseeing all of the marketing and promotion."

Look for Tha Reason Records Mixtape mixed by DJ Drama to drop this month and the upcoming album from [the aforementioned] West Koastra Nostra, 'The Shakedown,' which features appearances from Bone Crusher, Da Brat, David Banner, Yukmouth, Bun B, Kurupt, and Jazze Pha.

Still, the fact that there's a rapper named "Gangsta Nutt" is encouraging for gangsta rappers everywhere.

Not to be outdone, Ron Artest, (or MC Fan Friendly as we prefer) recently dropped a video for his single 'Oh Yeah.' And in the spirit of hip-hop and keeping it real, Artest filmed his video in the Bahamas; on a boat with scantily-clad women and champagne spilling everywhere. You really can't get realer than that (and no, he's not punching any white people).

You can view the 1997 retro, 'Big Pimpin'-inspired video here. There's no word on when he'll release his debut album, but he's also working with New York rappers Chalice and Braska and R&B group V12, along with still promoting Allure's album that was released last year.
- Quibian Salazar-Moreno


The first thing a lot of people were asking when they heard about this album was "Who is Lake?" Lake, in short, is an infamous (no pun intended) QB hustler. He goes into detail on one of the skits about the incident that put him in jail from 1992-1999. To make a long story short, in this day of discussion of how "real" certain rappers are, one thing can be said for sure: Lake is no studio thug. When he raps about something on a record, it has a touch of authenticity; take that for what it's worth, but it's the truth.

Obviously, the man gets mad respect in QB if, without much prior experience in the rap game, he can get basically the entire crew including heavyweights like Nas, Mobb Deep, CNN, and Cormega to show up on his album. But can he actually hang with these guys on the mic? The answer is a rather surprising YES! Having never heard Lake rap before listening to this album, he may or may not be on the same level as his big time QB counterparts, but he is never embarassed by them. In fact, he carries one of the better songs on the album, "Crush Linen," all by himself.

The first song on the album is "Cardboard Box" which features Havoc, The Jackal, Littles, and Nature. Havoc, behind the boards on this one as well, cooked up a nice beat that doesn't sound much like his usual work. Everyone comes pretty nice, with Nature ripping shit up. The only downfall is the hook, which is unoriginal and uninspired. What follows is an interview with Lake in which he describes the circumstances surrounding the actions that led to his incarceration. Definetly worth listening to, just to hear where he's coming from.

Following this is the aforementioned "Crush Linen." Backed by haunting Alchemist production, Lake comes with an incredibly dope flow, and his voice is cool as hell. In fact, his flow is so on point that when the rhyme scheme gets shoddy on a few bars, he covers it up and makes it sound perfectly natural. Even though the subject matter isn't exactly ground breaking, and the lyrics are not mind blowing I honestly can't get enough of this track because Lake flowed so impeccably over this beat.

Queensbridge mainstay Big Noyd pops up on "Pain", along with the unknown A. Dog, who also produced the track. In fact the production stood out here, and both MC's came through and ripped it. Next up is two VERY promising young guns, Germ and Artillery, who come through on "Husslers 'N Gangstaz." Produced by Artillery, the beat is a true hardcore NY sounding banger, and both impressed me with their flows and rhyme skills. They may not be touching on brand new material but they certainly present it better than A LOT of cats. These two have serious talent, I'm looking forward to hearing more of their work.

The first single is "Let Em Hang" featuring Nas and Lake, with V12 singing the hook. Wow, where do I begin? This track is DOPE. Alchemist produced this HOT beat, and Nas proves that he can still be Nasty Nas when he feels like it. Peep this:

"Foes decompose in their coffins
Hoes creepin with bosses
No sleep in my fortress
Break day thinking of losses
Taxes and IRS, government gangstas
But I'm a scientist, in love with big president faces
My residence changes from ghettos to acres
Avoiding jealousy snake shit"

A sign of things to come? Hopefully. Lake brings it correct too on here, with lines like: "Having no pops to mold me, just told me; God didn't plan for another man to control me." Dopeness, all the way around. Alchemist pops up for another dope track, "We Gon Buck", which features CNN, Lake, and Cormega. Other high points include "Keep Doin U" featuring Juice Crew staple Craig G and Voice; "Get Back" featuring Prodigy, Ammo, and Tragedy. The best joint on here might be "Right or Wrong" with Lake and Blitz aka Pop, who argue between rapping or dealing for a living. A dope concept in the mold of "Self Conscience" on QB's Finest; extremely well executed.

The only two low points on the album are the corny "Take U Back" featuring Bars n Hooks, Chinky, and Don Alon; and "Crazy 8's." "Crazy 8's" was a good concept, with 8 MC's spitting 8 bars each, but it was uneven due to the wide range of skills of the MC's on it; it's aight, but nothing particularly special. "Take U Back", on the other hand, is just wack.

So is this album as good as QB's Finest? Well, yes... and no. See, it's much more consistent It doesn't have songs that are as great as "Find Ya Wealth", "Street Glory", "Self Conscience", and "Kids In The PJs.".. on the other hand, the wack/half assed songs were at a minimum, which could not be said for QB's Finest. All in all, if you're a fan of hardcore New York hip hop, this is an album for you. The beats are uncompromised and dope, the lyrics are gritty, and the product is true streets. If you liked QB's Finest, you'll definetly like this; even if you didn't like QB's Finest but you like the MC's who were on it, you'll probably like this. Good concept, good execution.

Music Vibes: 8 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 7 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 7.5 of 10

Originally posted: September 25, 2001
source: www.RapReviews.com - www.RapReviews.com


Nas 41st side album was the all exclusive hardcore, uncut of Queensbridge Finest. The album was released on September 11, 2001. "Let Em Hang" feat. Nas, V12 and Lake.
V12 is featured on numerous albums and DVD with Infamous Mobb. Special Edition was one of the finest series of Infamous Mobb.

Soon after he was feat. True Warier Mixtape Vol. 1, 2, 2.5, 3, and 3.5. Feat. on Ron Artest, Oh Yeah also featuring DevLaree & Allure.

In 2006 V12 was also featured on Bars & Hooks The Most Notorious. Working with one of the hottest producers Steve Sola, he became featured in Plain Truth Streets of New York Mixtape.

V12 is in search of an independent or major record label with integrity. V12 recently released Think of you on i-Tunes. V-12 next album Musical Massacre is set to release Jan. 18, 2009. All tracks have streaming and radio airplay on numerous internet sites and radio stations.


Steve Sola
Havoc of Mobb Deep
Mr. Beats
Now & Laterz
Just Blaze
Sid Roams
Larry Los
Sha Money XL of G-UNIT


Havoc from Mobb Deep
Infamous Mobb
Ron Artest
Stress Factor
Keisha Cole
Bubba Sparks
Tragedy Khadafi
Bars & Hooks
Mysterious from Making the Band MTV
Nobody ( Memphis, TN)
Big Smash ( Omaha, Ne)
Conceeded ( Omaha, Ne)
Ill Child



One of the greatest things to ever hit the notorious QueensBridge projects is R&B singer V12. These notorious projects were also home to Nas, Mobb Deep/Infamous Mobb, Ron Artest, and Capone-n- Noriega etc. As a little boy he began singing in elementary school plays and church. GOD SPELL was an spiriting play His astonishing voice was his passion to make it out of QueensBridge projects. In November 2000, V12 the Greatest signed with True Warrior Records owned by NBA player Ron Artest. Under True Warrior Records, V12 is featured in numerous albums. V12 has provided his talent on the Nas 41st Side album, Special Edition Infamous Mobb, Still reporting Tragedy Kadafi, and various Q.B. artists. V-12 has a fire burning inside that is geared up for the music industry to see! CHECK OUT V-12 KING OF QUEENSBRIDGE AND SEE!

The most memorable moment of his career was shutting down 6 blocks, 96 buildings in Queensbridge the summer of 2005. The young R&B thug has toured the United States with NBA star/artist Ron Artest and Mobb Deep. During a CNN exclusive concert he was opening act for famed artists Keisha Cole, Bubba Sparks, and 112.
Soon after signing V12 became an independent artist and has set a conquest to sign with a major record label. Experiencing poverty and living in the ghetto was a hardship he had to suffer. Through the passion of singing and rhyming, V12 has the desire to succeed by any means necessary. His lyrics express his intimate side and a hard body thug from Q.B.