V1C3 is the epitome of what the future of rock music looks like. Combining a retro look with a vintage sound, V1C3 adds a modern twist to bring you an explosion of hard rock and metal music with a spectacular live show reminiscent of Mötley Crüe and Iron Maiden. V1C3 is Chicago's premier rock act.


V1C3 was formed in 2007 out of the ashes of what was left of hard rock and metal music. The band was put together by childhood best friends Nicky Spades and Teezy DeMarco. After recruiting a bassist and singer the band starting playing shows all over Illinois. In 2009 they brought longtime friend AC into the band to play the bass. The band continued to play shows through 2010 building a fan base in their hometown of Plainfield. When 2011 rolled around V1C3 officially became a 5-piece band and began writing material to include on their first ep. By the time late 2011 hit the band recruited Kyle Skyy on the bass and moved AC over to guitar to perfect the bands rhythm section. Then in November 2011 the band brought in Saxxon McCarty on vocals to solidify the bands line up and take V1C3 to the next level. In July 2012 the band released their first ep Right To The Ground mixing past influences with a modern twist being compared to bands such as Van Halen, Queensryche, Iron Maiden and Gun's n Roses. The bands live show has become a staple in their hometown and the Chicago land region bringing back the danger and excitement that has been lost for so long in rock. The band continues to build on the release of their ep and will continue to keep rocking for years to come.


EP: Right To The Ground