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"V8 -URB NEXT 1000-"

I'll bet any one of you cave-dwelling, internet-addicted kiddies ten dollars that V8 is a really good poet. Is it just me, or is it glaringly evident to everybody? If not, it should be. You see, if you begin listening to the Chicago native expecting to hear rap like you're used to hearing it, you will never receive what you were asking for. I mean, when is the last time "tuxedos from the Shanghai Dynasty" made an appearance in your favorite song? Yeah, that's what I thought - only twice. Not that he says this twice, but there must be at least one other person who is this creative. I am convinced that this guy is a mad scientist who turned to rapping - giving up his aspirations of being on television - after long-time friend, Mr. Wizard, got it first. Is this a plausible explanation? Absolutely not. But you gotta admit, it would be funny. And it does sound like he is weaving together some sort of experiment. Is his style what you might call…coherent? Not really. Erykah Badu and George Clinton don't seem to mind though (being that he's toured with them both). With this artist, you get the sense there's an amazing story underneath the words that you just want to be part of - and it's true, it's there; V8 just makes you work for it.

- URB magazine-James Shahan

"V8 interview"

http://ugsmag.com/interviews/v8/ - www.ugsmag.com


PiratesPyrite 1999 -Tornformdrawing-

piratespyrite 12in 2000 -tornformdrawing-

cache mix tapes vol. 3 & 5 hosted by vyle 2005

angryspace 7in 2005 -tornformdrawing-
(college radio play)

All terrain bathroom tile 2007 -paramanu-
(college radio play)



pioneered live big band big band hiphop in Chicago.
pioneered abstract hiphop on the northside of Chicago.

you're not sure you quite understand it, but aside from a very awkward send off, "V8" reels the listener in like a bad dream, like a black hole, like a tempting impossibility, like a quicksand hourglass." -