vaan Go

vaan Go

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

I am a music composer, writer, and musician that can bring ideas to life.


vaan Go was born Tyron Goldsmith to Jeffery and Regina Goldsmith on October 1st, 1987 in Oklahoma City, OK. From early childhood his interest in music began to grow and was realized in church, as he would become one of the church drummers. Being mentored by his mom, older brother, and his older sister, all of whom were musicians, and other musicians from the community, Ty’s skill-set began to grow and eventually surpassed the drums, flowing to other instruments including the Bass Guitar and Piano. His taste for music also began to bloom to include influences from almost every style and genre of music, as evident by his own music. Overtime vaan Go has stood out from the rest because of his attention to detail, knack for creativity, and an un-quenching desire to put only his best foot foward. To date he is diligently studying his crafts and looking for more opportunities to share his music with others.


A Place For Me

Written By: vaan Go

When life is over and I’ve done all I can do
Lord I will I will still trust in you
That you have prepared a place for me beyond the sky

When I’ve fought a good fight
When I’ve finished my course
Lord I’m gonna keep the faith
That you have prepared a place
Prepared a place a place just for me beyond the sky

Though they treated me wrong
For no reason at all
I’ll surely be ok
For I’m gonna see the master’s face
In a place in a place he has prepared for me beyond the sky

A place for me
Far far away from here
And beyond the sky
No more black versus white
All day and no more night
A place for me

Celestial Experience

Written By: vaan Go - Performed by Tony Foster Jr.

Celestial Experience – vaan Go -67bpm

I been thinking ‘bout ya all day
And what I’m going to say
When I get there
I don’t know what I’m gonna wear
But I know I wanna look good for you
And I hope that I please you with what I do
‘Cause I know that you’re ready to please me too
I just hope that I can handle what I ask you for
To take me to the heavens with you, ay

Take me
To the heavenlies
Let Me
Feel You
Like I never have before
Rolling through the planets
Stopping by the moon
I hope that you enjoy it
As much as I do oo, oh
Celestial experience
I just hope that I can handle it

Verse 2:
You’re so graceful
So tasteful
Are they all like that where you are from
Girl please take me there
So we can make it rain over the sun
And cause a solar eclipse
There will be nothing like this
I hope that I can handle it
Going to the heavens with you


You look so fly in between the skies
Outshining any star that makes up the night
You gotta be an angel in disguise
From another world, from another life
I wanna make some aurora lights, hell yea
I want the planets to align
And I know what to do When you move
It’s getting hard I’m gonna be shooting stars
We’re getting near Your atmosphere
It’s a fireball I’m trying not to fall
We are approaching another galaxy
Feels like we are on air there is no gravity
Just you and me in the heavenlies, Oh



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